Being reported for toxic chat but not talking

So I was just fresh off a 14 day silence from toxic chat. The thing is I don’t chat. I never did anything about it because it doesn’t really bother me, and blizzard gives you no real recourse to fight this stuff. I just got off my silence and I log on today to see the same message that I am being reported for toxic chat again. once again I don’t chat. I dont even say hi. The most ive done is hit the keybind asking for healing. I didn’t even have the ability to chat. WTF am I supposed to do about this?

I had a similar issue but instead I’ve only typed things like “I apologize” and “Thank you” when other people get mad even if they are wrong and I assume I was reported for being toxic again.

Not fooling me with your bump, OP

Eh, nuisance OP or not, it’s still a good point. If you dislike someone, false reports for abusive chat is a powerful and exploitable option.

Frankly, they should go the other way and stop giving players so much power over each other to restrict the way the game works to both the worst thing for devs to work on and worst thing for players to play.