Being punished for natural disconnects is unreasonable and can be worked around

Oh bull and you know it. The logs are there for programmers, and devs to look at. And as far as the Os goes, your personal files can only be looked at by you if they were made by your account. As long as you didn’t make your account an admin account. Which most people, unless they’re computer savvy DON’T do.

Look. Faking issues would be incredibly easy.

Lost rendering device? Could be a crash. Could be I bound a key to overclocking my GPU memory by 50%.

Computer can’t talk to the router? Could be a pulled plug. Could be my router froze up out of nowhere.

Computer suddenly turn off? Did the user pull the plug or did the area have a power outage?

You cannot distinguish most of these cases (short of having a referee on site or something) and people would absolutely abuse the system by faking legitimate drops.


You do realize that most of these people you’re talking about are less than 5 percent of the game population right?

So we punish the majority, because of a few people? I’m sorry that doesn’t track logically.

Do you realize how common of a problem it would be if you could download a program from the internet that fakes a crash with the push of a button and lose no SR for a loss?

The reason it’s uncommon now is because there is always a punishment, so there’s no reason to bother. If it were possible, though, it would be abusable to no end.

I think most people would do it. It would just be an accepted part of the game that everyone took advantage of. “How many of your free losses did you use up yet?”

Also stacks would definitely use it to cancel games in the first minute to queue dodge teams they didn’t like the looks of.

ive played this game since beta, and have never had my internet or game crash during comp.

And it’d be a sketchy af to allow random programs to access this, for both security and ethical reasons.

It also wouldn’t catch unplugging the modem.

The moment anything becomes possible some clickbait youtuber is gonna make it known and people will go out of their way to grief.

If we add this in it won’t be less than 5% for long.

You literally just said blizzard has to check the logs that are already in your computer. They don’t have info by default. Those are files on your pc, that have nothing to do with overwatch. They would need to design is they can read it… on your computer… People freaked out about epic seeing your steam friends list. How do you think people will react to blizzard knowing if you’re pc is online or not.

Sugar coat it all you want, it is what it is.

If you have flakey internet then you shouldn’t be playing a competitive game where disconnecting means screwing over your team mates.

If it was as easy as you say it is to verify real disconnects from fake ones, it would have been done by now.

Im pretty sure it’s 15 seconds not two minutes, which is definitely not enough

If you implement such checks then people will just work around it. If I reset my cable modem or router or just pull the plug on either of them then how can you tell that it was deliberate?

You may be referring to the early game cancellation. Which if a player leaves in the FIRST minute of the match, the match will cancel after a 10 second warning countdown (to alert all other players) and even if they some how return, the match still cancels and they will be penalized. Only after the first minute, does a player have two minutes to return to a match.

Quote 1. Good point, however, with even the simplest encryption (ie. proprietary files), you can have a log file that can only be read by the game. If they want to crack that, then they are along the lines of people who bot, and that’s a different category.

Quote 2. Regardless if your router supplies a LAN connection, there is still no server/internet connection. In this case that whole double check thing I was talking about would come into play. Also, disconnecting your modem from your router would invoke an change in IP to being local.

Quote 3. If that’s the case, then the current system in place already assumes that you have disconnected and you get the same punishment. With better systems, while that still may happen, it leaves open more avenues for less punishment for attempts to reconnect.

Quote 4. If I say “yes” and you say “no”, that’s not really contributing to the discussion.

For all of those saying “What if I disconnect the router?” Yes you can disconnect the router, however while it still may show that you have a network connected, you lose service. If the game/launcher can’t validate a host, then there is no connection. When you are attached to only your router, its called a LAN connection, this is very different from an actual connection and there is also a call /check for it.

Both of these scenarios are logged publicly by the computer and are in locations that can be read by other applications. A loss of power produces a log file. A removed cable or change of IP or anything else that is an anomaly in a computer’s connection is also logged by the OS.

Reading public files that are placed publicly for those reasons is not spyware, as far as I know.

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Even IF they put in a system which DETECTED that someone lost connection honestly. It doesnt mean that it cannot be circumvented and everyone would use it so they would NOT lose SR or get a comp penalty.

I do agree that the system needs an OVERHAUL so we see year 4 of this game .

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What? Tell me how a person is supposed to re-lay the cable lines in a city or town. How about reconstructing a radio tower? Or what about improving infrastructure county-wide?

This isn’t a reasonable expectation of the average player, I dare-say most players. Personally, I’m victim of old cables in my area and service comes and goes sporadically. It cannot be anticipated. A solution such as “don’t play comp” is like saying “people get in car wrecks unpredictably, so why don’t you just not drive?” That solution is a problem in and of itself.

Sorry but you are starting being a bit of troll here. Unfortunately online games is not suitable for everyone, I myself barely get by with my internet connection. There are those who have lives and lifestyles where their ability to have a reliable connection for online games is simply not possible. Each person does have the right to change their ISP or if necessary move to an area with reliable ISP services if their current service is proving consistently inadequate if playing online games like Overwatch is a priority.

…I’m a troll for having a rebuttal for unreasonable responses?

Whether you change your ISP or not, you still have the same cables running through your community. If I’m with service A or service B, that doesn’t change the fact that they use the same infrastructure. For those that are unable to move due to age other reason, they are stuck to what they have.

HOWEVER this is not about internet alone. This is also software based. A player does not have control over the amount the game decides to crash. All examples I have referred to in my original post:

“I myself have run into quite a few of the last few days recently where the game would crash upon joining a match and it would lead to a suspension.”

Have been unplanned and were troubleshot to no avail. The first crash on join is assumed a fluke. Ok, 50 SR and 10 mins, no chance to rejoin cause it crashed on finding a match. Fine.
Second crash to desktop in the same way upon entering another match, there goes 100 Sr and suspension again to an internal issue with the game. Alright must be on my end. Update drivers, close background stuff, restart.
Third crash as soon as I hit the hero screen in the next match. Welp. Took a break till the next morning, and lo’ and behold no issues. Haven’t had a single crash since then and I’ve done nothing different. No patches, nothing, and I’m running the same way as when I was having the crashes.

No support ticket can help here, this is software related. Therefore I suggested ways for the software to be improved, in hopes to help players with the same issues. You are more than welcome to help us think of solutions to how this system can be improved as that is what this discussion is about. If you want to call a user a troll for wanting to help and better the community, then we have some bigger issues here.

Either you move out to a different country or live with the problem or start a public outcry. Just because your country is still in the stone age doesn’t mean rest of the world should be pulled down with it. Life isn’t always fair.

Point being you have a choice:

1-Play comp knowing you will dc often and lose SR/derank while ruining many many other peopls games.

2-Stop playing comp.

Now if you do #1, after a period of time you will be banned and forced to choose option #2.

But is it better to have loved and lost SR, then never to have loved at all?

If you truly dont care about ruining peoples games constantly just play comp until you get perma-banned.

Seems weird to stop doing something on your own so someone else cant stop you from doing it?!?!?!
(Well unless you actually give a crap about the community that is)

Just because your parents pay everything for you doesn’t mean everyone else is in the same boat. If your solution is “move out” then you’re not old enough for this kind of discussion, I won’t waste my time on you.