Being punished by game's fault

I’ve played competitive Lucioball matches and 4 times game crashed due to graphics card error type, but it is not my fault. It happened on 2 very different PCs too. I’ve got several bans, endorsement drops, and EVEN a SR drops due to leaving the match EVEN after reconnecting and playing to the end. Like… what? I’m always reconnecting within 10-20 seconds and it still punishes me? Please Blizz, do something about it. I’ve now lost more than 100SR because of this…

Damn I would have stopped playing a competetive mode after the first time.

If it’s a graphics card error, technical support may be the better place to go. They’ve helped me back when I had the graphics card error after an update last year


Yes sure, but the punishment system should work like in competitive. Not that I will reconnect and it will still take away my SR even after playing it to the end.

They cannot give you back the SR you lost. Sadly that’s gone forever. I’m not sure about Lucioball rules but Im asking honestly why didn’t you just stop playing competetive until the problem was fixed?

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It sounds like you got the Rendering Device Lost error which occurs when your graphics card stops working while Overwatch is running. It is important to stop playing critical game modes and troubleshoot the issue before larger penalties including season bans take place. Penalties cannot be reversed for any reason.