Being permanently banned for the dumbest reason

Wow lol that is so childish.

I dont think anyone should get permanently banned for voice/text comms, seems pretty harsh.

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Because sometimes it’s the UK.

The whole report/ban system is a massive joke.
Other players can report anything they want. I’ve personally got reported for saying “rofl” in chat. If you got attacked in chat by another person they can report you for responding (even if you didnt say anything remotely offensive).
When you accumulate enough reports you get banned automatically. There is no human review process whatsoever.
The only way to ensure you wont get banned for abusive chat is to never use it. This way you can at least successfully appeal this ban. But if you said anything in the last month support will simply quote a random line, call it toxic (“other players feeling could have been hurt”) and say “no”.

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Still, there’s no reason to be toxic. Especially if you were using language that would be unfit for a public setting.

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Is it really ‘being sensitive’ to simply require being treated as you should be treated, though?

Like, we all agreed that it’s not okay to just walk up to someone and punch them in the face for no reason, we call that assault, and it comes with legal punishment if you do it. So why is being toxic and harassing people somehow something that should not require punishment? If he was toxic enough to get reported by as many people as to get a permaban, he’s certainly done more than enough to bring this on himself. Maybe he should consider altering his behavior so that people don’t have to endure it rather than everyone else being forced to simply put up with his abuse.


No it is not, it’s 13+

Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time
Yeah, don’t do it


If you are carrying on in a public place like a mall or shopping centre and being abusive or aggressive what happens? You get removed (possibly locked up). Online games are a public place, act accordingly and you won’t have issues.
I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to colourful language etc. But if you’re sprouting crap across your microphone all game and it’s negatively effecting the way the rest of the team is playing the game expect to get reported.


I completely feel like Blizzard shouldn’t police speech. We’re given the tools to deal with it ourselves and never see communication from another player again

But you had to have said something pretty bad to get banned lol

If you managed to pick up a perma ban for being toxic it must have been really really bad.

Normally silences come first and warnings, either you have had these in which case you deserve it or as stated above must have been real real bad.

There’s a difference between free speech and verbal abuse, however there are some people that are over-sensitive to the point they can’t even except calm advice or constructive criticism.

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Something tells me it’s not the word, but how you used it.


I am sorry, but you mentioned him and this is the first thing that pop into my head.

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This game would be a complete sh!t show if toxicity wasn’t discouraged with actual sanctions. I don’t want to block & mute people every match, I want people to consider the consequences before they say something vile, so I can play this game in peace. It shouldn’t be my problem that some people were raised on Ben Shapiro vids.


most of the EULAS and ToS can’t be held up in court here either, if a company decided to ban someone from their product that they paid money for without a valid reason, thats theft and they would sooner unban them than go to court over it.

It’s not… it’s PEGI 12, so 12 and up…

In my opinion it depends totally on what is said.

People are reporting other players for saying “gg”, grouping with certain people, picking a different hero and so on, that’s being way too sensitive.

It’s the internet, everyone isn’t going to join hands and sing kumbaya together, having that said, you should ofc expect not to be blatantly harassed online and so on, but at times people really have to get a thicker skin.

If saying “gg”, using a voice line after they kill you, an emote or simply losing a game will make you angry, take a break from this… or any online game for a while.

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13+. Nice try buddy.