Being penalized for not loading

The laptop i play on isnt the best but ive been playing overwatch on it for a while and today when i queued up for a comp game it loaded some of the loading screens like usual but when it got to the team vs team screen it froze and a few seconds later it said i was going to be removed if i remain inactive and i tried clicking things and moving etc. but then i got removed and suspended, i understand that blizzard can’t exactly look at my hardware and give me a chance to catch up but maybe try to be more compatible to people who have terrible pcs like myself so we can all enjoy the same game

Details on why all technical malfunctions are penalized can be found here:

Based on your description this can be caused either due to technical performance with your computer, or possibly with a poor internet connection. So be sure to go through each of these troubleshooting guides to hopefully be able to fix on this. Be sure to test thoroughly in non-competitive modes to avoid getting penalized more.