Being force fed losses is not fun

Like what is even the point of “competitive” if the matchmaker makes games as uncompetitive as possible? All it really achieves is making people tilted and toxic.

Why are we still sticking to the dogwater matchmaker that was implemented by Bobby Kotick, the guy who was actively trying to sabotage this game every opportunity he got?

The current matchmaker DESPERATELY needs a change, because it’s current state hurts the game more than it helps. There is no way in hell that the current matchmakerbcan ever be good for the game in the long run, but I guess the money hungry execs don’t give a F about the longevity of the game and are only focused on short term income.

If only they took some steps to undo some of the damage caused by Bobby to make the game itself actually worth playing (which would mean more player retention and therefore more potential income) instead of hoping for the peanuts in monetary gains that is the shop.

If my entire experience is loading into a match and watching my teammates get absolutely diffed by the enemy team despite my best efforts, then you bet your butt I will have 0 motivation to even play, meaning I’ll have even less of a reason to give a damn about the cosmetics.

If you money hungry execs want more money, then why not make the game actually enjoyable to grow your playerbase? Unless yall actually just want to see this game die out like Bobby did.

In my opinion the game is decently balanced, so why is it that even in a mirror match one team will more likely than not get absolutely steam rolled if the matchmaker is “working as intended”? The only explanation is that the matchmaker is absolutely sabotaging our game and I really think that needs to be addressed. Feeling like you constantly have 0 chance of winning because of the awful matchmaking really kills the experience, even more so if you are just playing casually. Why load up a game that is pretty much CBT for 90% of the matches when I could play something that won’t cuck me right from the start with poor matchmaking?

This game has the potential to be exceptional in my opinion, but I really find myself playing less and less because I just am so fed up with how one sided everything feels all the time, and no amount of carrying can overcome the deficit, to the point where the absolute best I can expect is a draw, but more likely than not it will be an L.

Bobby Kotick is no longer calling the shots, so can we please ditch his awful matchmaker and instead implement one that isn’t actively sabotaging games?


You’re not being forced fed losses btw.

The “only explanation”… Right.

Hi SmallPackage, I recognize you as being one of the reoccurring gaslighters on the subject in these forums, welcome to my post :slight_smile:


No gaslighting. Forced results of any sort aren’t a thing.

There are countless reasons why this can happen in a game. But you’ve ignored them and jumped straight to the deep state conspiracies lol

I love that the only response you have to someone rightly disagreeing with you is to go full weird and deflect.

This is why you might never learn why games can snowball, and why you’ll forever be stuck repeating the same mistakes. Constantly deflecting responsibility, rather than actually looking for the issues.

Do me a favour and explain to me every detail regarding how the matchmaker functions, provide as much documentation as you can, provide as much evidence on how the matchmaker actually works amd how it actually uses ones mmr to matchmake someone. And on top of that, if you can provide all the details on how a person gets their specific MMR, that would also be great. If you can use all of that information to prove my statements wrong then I’ll gladly accept that I am in the wrong. If all you can do is speculate as to why so many game are complete dumpsterfires by gaslighting me on my experiences then what you say has no bearing on this argument.

Give me cold hard facts on the actual operation of the matchmaker and the mmr system, site as many legitimate sources as you can. Give me every single nitty gritty detail. I’ll gladly take any of that evidence into account to evaluate my statements accordingly :slight_smile:

Until then, no amount of gaslighting on your part is going to change my stance :slight_smile:


Don’t engaine with smallpackage, he will continue to gaslight and make noise until the thread gets a 404 as that’s his entire purpose.


I do recognize their username for such shenanigans so my previous reply to them is my last. But I do appreciate the warning regarding them nonetheless :+1:


It’s all been provided before, sadly people like you are tedious and still want to blame it.

Instantly dismissing every other option and jumping to daft theories is such a forum thing to do. Why think about things, when you can take the brainless option. (Possibly an explanation why your games get onesided too)

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He has multi accounts on us and eu servers its crazy.

That being said, they treat ow like heroine. Even if all your friends die on it, they will keep pushing it.

They could just make oatmeal or steak but instead they make poison.


Most people do champ.

Doesn’t make forced results more of a thing. They’ve never been a thing.

If you really feel like you’re being force fed losses and not having fun, then why continue to come back? If you’re having such a miserable time then don’t play the game until they make whatever changes you think are going to fix the game.

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I think they are, sort of. I don’t think it’s by design. I just think it’s low player numbers, wide matchmaking and queue times lower than they should be.

Almost every match feels very one sided, and when you get unlucky a few times in a row it can very much feel like the game is forcing you to lose. The matches are often that uneven that there really is nothing you can do as a single player to turn it around. W

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Would be an accurate statement if you weren’t actively in here starting flame wars every day.

Idk enough about them to know if they’re starting things daily, but they do have a point that people on the forums just can’t accept that someone may have a different opinion than them.

Anytime someone says “actually I think it might be this instead…” it’s instantly met with toxic reactions of

Some people just don’t want to hear that they might be wrong or the problem regardless of how much evidence is provided to them.

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I’m not sure what in “forced results aren’t a thing” is upsetting to people… But that’s their issue not mine, as they’ve never been a thing. I honestly couldn’t care less if I tried if my view annoys someone.

Maybe people need to stop being so annoyed when someone either corrects them, or has a different opinion.

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both parties in this argument are wrong.

the problem lies in the sense of player agency.

this season player agency has FELT low to me. the percentage of matches that i have that last over 10 minutes and are a good fight are extremely low.

maintaining a sense of competitive integrity is one of the primary functions of a matchmaker. if there is a widespread sense that solo players have limited agency over wins and losses that is absolutely a matchmaking problem.

we also live in an era of algorithmic sorting, and the idea that users of a monetized system controlled by algorithms are being sorted in such a way as to improve engagement at the expense of competitive integrity isn’t exactly tinfoil hat territory

so, no. no one is being given forced losses on an individual basis. the game makers don’t care if xxsaltydogxx has a positive or negative win rate, but neither is the matchmaker objective or fair.


Technically not true

To state there are forced losses is factually incorrect.

If you FEEL like agency is low, that’s fine. But that is 100% a you thing and not the game. You need to possibly work on what your mindset is in game, and why you put so much value into winning or losing at a video game.

It is as this is also a theory that has never been true for OW

if you want to appeal to ‘technically’ then you’ll need to cite sources.

you are troll.

Jay3 (yeah I can’t stand him either) has an interview with the people responsible for match making and they address the “forced” theory.

That’s all the proof you need.

Also, my “technically” was because the answer to are there forced losses is a binary one. It’s a closed question and the answer is No

no it isn’t.

‘technically’ is the word you used.

i want documentation, not informal conversations with internet entertainers.

‘technically’, kid. it’s a big word with big meaning.

did you use it by accident, or do you have no idea what ‘technically’ goes on under the hood of this game?

i am blocking your account now. good day.

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