Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2’s Development

Release date? Or at least release year?

We shouldn’t need to listen to Activision-Blizzard quarterly-earnings conference calls to get a bit of transparency about this stuff, guys.


It’s fine that we have to wait for OW2. But can we get some of those “make Tanks more enjoyable” changes sooner than later?

Fixing Tank desirability, is the key to better queue times, and better matchmaker quality.


Hey can we get a close up look for Bastion’s OW2 model as well?

sis you are IRRELEVANT bye

You can use a controller. Also idk about android but iOS has native keyboard and mouse support for games.

I would gladly use a 12.9" ipad for ow on the go

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We got a Torbjorn-themed map. What more could I possibly ask for now besides a damn release date?

There’s also a Torbjörn-themed country in real life! Can you believe it? :frog:


Im not sure about the Reinhardt changes about the Fire strike, you devs team talks about making them more of a Melee-Brawler close range heroes but add two charges of Fire strikes? Thats ranged not Melee…

I don’t know, I feel like a disconnect between the Balance team and the Direction for OW2.

By the way, you guys always talked about having Tanks that Absorb damage for their team, that protects them, being their shield and pillars of the table… switching completely the direction for that? You guys want to make Tanks better DPSs? But thats the total opposite of what you have been saying all the game ! You were even talking about reworking Roadhog to make more of a Tank than switching him to the DPS role after trying a rework of Roadhog as a Damage character… I just don’t understand anything anymore, its going to Point A to Point B to Point A to Point C… It’s hard for us. Be more clear of what your goals actually is, when you change your vision… Thats very important.

I hope that promise of being transparent now will be true.

switch port is prolly the closest we’ll get to a portable port.

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Yeah, this man’s a legend.

ah yes another hater comment after blizzard shows what their doing and all their stuff you people are still like “we want more” “no content for current game aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” when neither of those things are important or relavent
why would they anounce ow1 news in an ow2 behind the scenes

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might want to practice some reading comprehension there, bub. i literally didn’t say anything about the overwatch 1 lmao.

Who tf wears a bagpack just to carry a switch and who tf carries a switch in their pocket

I have done both of those things on occasion.

might want to learn some gratitude for what is shown bub

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Just buy a light problem solved. :pepe:

I have the switch light it is still too big to fit into my pocket

furthermore it is not running very well. sub 30fps

I’m excited for more updates this year!

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