Before you guys nerf hanzo

Make sure you’re 100% sure that it won’t bring down his viability

We all remember what happened to Sombra

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no for god’s sake put him back in f tier

Are there nerfs planned? I keep hearing this but haven’t seen any info on it.

lmao he will still be the best DPS by far

They’re reducing Storm arrow’s damage by 10 per arrow

Not too bad. Could be worse. This won’t cripple him. Still kills in 2 head shots doesn’t it?

Yes it does. The reason they changed it was so it didn’t one-shot Tracer

Oh of course. Should have seen that coming honestly.

I’m sure winston and orisa appreciate the change too.

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Only tanks and Tracer benefit from it. Technically, he can still one shot Tracer with Zen and Mercy around so he is still a big threat to her.

Where are these nerfs even? I don’t see any new PTR Patchnotes

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This little damage nerf won’t kill him, stop exaggerating.

I’m more annoyed that their reasoning was for Tracer, not the tanks. I get she’s meant to counter Hanzo but what works on Tracer is usually a lot worse for the tanks…

Hanzo doesn’t rely on storm arrow for viability like sombra relies on hack.

Well it was supposed to be strong against tanks.
The whole purpose of SA was for him to be able to keep his high damage.

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Yeah, I get that. But a spam ability that takes down 1/4 of Rein’s shield approx every 8 seconds is a bit ridiculous. Especially when it can crit and be used at sniper range.

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