Been having real bad connections with the game

Not sure what it is but I will either have a game where I am shooting everything I got and nothing hits or another game so easy it is like they are standing still and I kill them in like one second. Also used to have games where I could get 6 games in a row and win and now can barely win anything also the connection is shotty basically it either takes minutes to take out an opponent or like a couple seconds on a game. This never happens with destiny 2 multiplayer you get generally consistent games and really it is just a skill game from there but there is something happening though in overwatch I have all good components high frame rates everything is super high speed like gigabit internet even my monitor is high level 240 hertz but still most of the games I win are like some sorta magical thing because it is either the latency maybe or something else in the code where I am literally shooting at them for minutes at a time and cannot kill them or I kill them in a couple seconds it should be like uncapped framerates like destiny 2 because like something needs to change just like black ops 3 most of the time seems it is always the host that needs to be good there needs to be a cloud host or something better because games now are won or lost just on host connection or just connection and it should be even for both parties so it is just a game of skill. But somehow destiny 2 does uncapped framerates which makes the game so smooth even when you have a big boss or other things. I mean overwatch is just a simple game why is this issue not fixed already it has been years. Also another thing the toxicity is better managed but is still a problem because kids get their parents to buy them the games which that too should not be legal really because the kids are exposed to like mean people and end up turning into trolls even worse trolls than like the adults. I mean things are better but there is always someone who curses at me for no reason or calls me names sure I can report them but they need to get banned aswell or not allowed to play perhaps. I mean overwatch needs to be a safe place I mean people should be competive but also this is a game to increase your skills not to be abusive people need to be more disciplined and I think the reward system for the game for incentivising the game is good but it needs an anti abuse system to keep people from like using the games system to boost their troll behavior. I do think though in general there needs to be like lightspeed connection speeds or like quantum internet speeds maybe from the dwave 2 or something really awesome to reduce lag across the globe really these lagging games need to be fixed I mean at least make the lag even for both parties not make it uneven so there is only one winner because really only time I win now is because of the connection and good players but if one of those is not met then basically have to search for a couple hours just to find like a couple games to win then the rest are either super close games or games that are so hard to win I almost get tendonitis. I mean I am an excellent player often times I get almost no deaths but the skill tree match up needs to be more accurate I mean sometimes I go against people that are like almost major league or something or it appears that way so there is too much of a difference in skill or the game is too laggy either way it is impossible to win the game so there needs to be better skill matching. I always thought there should be like triple kill or other kill like medals too like call of duty or halo I mean what is the point of destroying the whole team if it is not even counted or anything.

This sounds a lot like feedback, which you should post in the General Forum. If you want to troubleshoot a connection issue, please follow these steps: