Beam Range Increase won't help Symm


She needs her lock on back.
Not just to make her Primary better, but because it was a defining aspect of her kit which has now been thrown away with Symm 3.0.

She also needs more Self Sustain, either bring back Shield Gen (in some way, perhaps have it in a way she had it as an ult, where if you push the E key when deploying TP you can cycle), or give her more shields (so 100 HP and 150 Shields). And this is not only for her Self Sustain; again, it was a defining aspect of her kit.

With Symm 1.0 you could give Shields and 2 iterations later it’s gone.
At least with the Mercy rework you kept Resurrect because it was her defining characteristic, so why did we get rid of Shields?


Maybe because she was removed from supports and now she is on damage.

At this time is quite impossible for the devs to bring back lock-on (because they don’t tend to reverse what they do) but at least lower the ticks. Lvl 3 Beam and it’s quite difficult to melt someone.


Why would Symmetra need lock on? The beam isn’t that hard to aim. Like @Pabiloon said, it’s the tick rate that’s the problem here, making her rather weak vs armor.


Her other defining characteristic was granting shields to allies.

Press to give a one time +25 shield buff that was permanent as long as the shield didn’t break (happened often) allies would regen the shield hp when not taking damage. If shield broke, Symmetra would need to recast the buff to the ally.

“I’m getting a feeling they’ve got a Shieeeeld Generator.”
Good ol’ Shield Generator. Needs no introduction but for prosperity:
Ultimate ability that gives all allies within 50m a +75 shield buff. No line of sight required. Allies with the buff could survive all 1 hit kills that plague the game today. And will always have 75 hp to regen as long as they stood within the Generator’s range. If their shield broke, Generator would recast the ability on the ally as long as said ally stopped taking damage. Once destroyed all buffs were removed.

Shield buffs absent.


The beam is garbage, how often you see a Sym with lv3 beams? She doesn’t even able to live to see it.

The endorsement did make people to behave but right now pick Sym means forcing the team to play around you, Bas Rein Ana are must to be successful in higher ranks. People don’t flame you as much, yes because of the endorsement, but I feel like I am throwing the game when the team don’t listen to you. At least I could do something with the old kit. Well, probably because I am still learning her in comp.


Pretty sure I said that?
Was it not clear enough? I dunno. Probably.


Blizzard is attempting to get away from shield and armor buffs unless it’s an ult. They don’t like characters being able to run around with 450+ effective hp pool. Defense armor stacking was an issue, having Symmetra and Torbjorn on defense at last point made it an egg that was almost impossible to crack without serious teamwork.

I keep saying that when they rework Torb, his armor packs are going to go away. Hide and watch, I bet it happens.


She just needs a wider beam. Most of your reasons are just I liked Symm 2.0.


Everytime I hear a sym main ask for the lock on back I want to bash my head against the wall. The auto lock gun was really only good if your opponents we’re bad at the game, it punished people who weren’t paying attention, but was useless if your opponent knew how to play the game.

The problem is that the primary was hit with more nerfs than buffs, most of them being indirect nerfs.

Removing the lock on was a big Nerf, but the guns damage was buffed to compensate. If this was all that was done the gun might have been alright, but it was hit by another direct Nerf.

Moving the damage ramp to two seconda was probably a good idea when the gun was bugged and doing extra damage. Anyone who used her gun before the tick fix will likely mention how it felt a lot better, but with two seconds of damage ramp per level sym spends forever doing boo real damage.

Then there was the tic rate fix. Really all this did was make her bad against armor, though it does feel like it punishes bad aim more because each tic does little damage. Instead of melting a target I feel like I am ticking them. And that is mostly for the last reason.

Damage ramp is a garbage mechanic on a gun that needs to aim. An auto aim gun can have low damage because you are guaranteed that damage. When that damage is not guaranteed you are suddenly spending time doing less dps than the support cast. It is a fact that for the first two seconds of combat symmetra is a worse dps pick than all of the supports with the exception of brig and Moira (who have kits that augment thiwr low primary doc.) For the next two seconds I am a trash tier dps.

I should not have to wait to deal strong damage with a close range weapon. The trade off for the short range should be consistent high damage, and right now her damage ramp prevents that from being a possiblity.


It’s just trash all around. Even with good accuracy the dps is vastly inferior to support Symmetras primary and her current orbs. That’s unacceptable for a dps rework where she also lost 2 survivability abilities when she is a extreme close range hero with her primary AND needs to charge it up which was also doubled in time.


For some it is. And it’s a complete new hero that is played totally different. Why not add both? Good Sym, Evil Sym?