Be careful what you wish for, Ana mains

So now you’re just gonna leave?

Sounds like you don’t even wanna have a discussion.

Also, you edited that last bit in after I responded to you. So it’s really not my fault that I didn’t see it.

Because you’re not trying to have a conversation. You’re just trying to win an argument, and I don’t come on the forums to argue.

You’re more concerned with being right than trying to think of ways to put Mercy in a better spot that makes her fun for the people who play her, and balanced.

I think Mercy mains would love this. Especially the OP.

Honestly Ana mains played Mercy not so much because she healed so great but because Guardian Angel makes her more survivable.

The Ana survivability issue is still not addressed. That leaves Moira and Lucio as the true winners of this patch. Ana’s just as easy to shut down now as she was before. Swap two of your heroes to dive then apply pressure. She’ll swap.

Considering how many different dive heroes there are nowadays, that’s not hard to do.

That’s not even true.

I’m sitting here trying to have a civil discourse with you and you’re:

  1. Going back on what you previously have said, to where you’re outright denying you said it.
  2. Think you know how to balance a game because you play one hero a lot.
  3. Spouting out information like it’s fact when it’s not.

Mercy does do a lot of damage potentially. Mercy is in a better place than she was 3 weeks ago. If Mercy players weren’t having fun with her before this nerf, they weren’t really ever having fun with her were they?

Now she heals a little bit less. That hardly changes the amount of fun a hero is.

If Soldiers damage got -2 points per shot, would he be less fun? If Ana’s healing got -5 healing per shot, would she be less fun? The answer is no.

Mechanics are fun. Playing a hero with a specific playstyle is fun. If it’s less effective now, you either deal with the change, or move on to someone else that fits your fancy. You don’t sit here and complain about how unfun 50 hp/s is compared to 60. You don’t sit here and complain “We’ve gotten x nerfs and it’s no longer fun anymore” for months on end. 50+% of the players that are here complaining about Mercy have been for months.

Sure, this may be “Dedication” but when it comes down to it, they still can’t make up their minds about what they want. There’s a bunch of different options and I can’t find 2 Mercy mains that 100% agree on everything in a single concept. Meanwhile, the Mercy’s that just play her because they love her as a hero and how she plays rather than her numbers actually like this change and all the changes she’s gotten since last year.

This has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Mercys.

Sources? Don’t just throw random numbers at me because all the datatables that I found about the World Cup showed that Mercy was barely played while Ana rocked very high pickrates. The datatables I found as source was

You think I care that people want to argue that mercy is no skill or not? No I want Mercy to be fun again

The game is so much much much much more fun now that Mercy is balanced. And I can finally play Ana now too!! yay!!

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Actually, yes. Because you feel less impactful. The same goes for

She’d be less fun, because she feels less impactful.

You seem to be unable to grasp this concept, which lies at the core of hero X players’ complaints. People need to feel the impact of playing their hero, otherwise, they’ll just pick another or drop the game altogether.

This quote from Titanium sums it up better:

Blizzards remakes has been atrocious so far. Not sure who they actually employ or if the people they employ has worked in the games industry before or if they even bother playing the game themselves.

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But she is BORING to play. I can’t remember reading any posts from Mercy players wanting her to heal her targets faster.

Swap Resurrect and Valkyrie and give the players something to do other than standing behind a corner because the only button they have to press is LMB. Give them some tools to pull off some big plays.

Can you please answer this? I’d be interested in knowing your sources

I hope Ana does get nerfed.
Ana mains are so whiny and annoying.

Aside from the snide and the vile of the op, I do think this is true. The most popular support will always be nerfed. Even with tanks this isnt that pronounced(see Reinhardt as of late).

they nerfed Ana because she was OP. they nerfed mercy because she was OP. They’ll nerf Brig because she’s OP.

and then the healers will finally be balanced for the first time since before they released Ana.

They dont just nerf whoever is meta. Meta comes and goes. There was no meta in which mercy wasn’t the best option though, because she was OP

Well, Reinhardt wasn’t nerfed. He was broken. Apparently, a large part of Reinhardt’s behavior is hard-coded into the game engine, and their attempts to fix some of his bugs have apparently broken a lot more than they anticipated. Though why they then went and put it on live, regardless, is beyond me.

Then maybe you shouldn’t have picked a boring hero

This hasn’t changed at all. She’s always been this skill level. She’s always been “boring”.

This is nothing new.

This is the hard truth, and unfortunately the Mercy mains will trash you for it.

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It’s like you guys don’t want healers to be worth anything. If you want easy kills, go play CoD on hardcore mode and let the supports actually do their job of keeping teammates alive.

If you’re having a hard time killing enemies because of heals that’s a good thing. It forces comp changing and strat changing. Time to switch to a comp that can dive the back line and wipe out the healers.

No more nerfs to supports! stay or buff only!

Sure, Cerburus437, Anyway, my statement was not addressed to you but thank you for replying.
well, certainly, your definition of what is “fun” to you is perfectly legit.
To you.
I totally respect that and you can rant and rave all you want.
That is your right.