BCRF twitch drops in Canada


I’m just curious if these will drop properly for those of us in Canada. I ask because the OWL drops require I do math before I’m eligible for drops but there doesn’t seem to be anything of the sort listed for this one. Yes, linked, logged in, yadda yadda.
I would also suspect with so many people potentially earning these rewards there may be a bit of a delay on them popping up.


i didnt get one yet.


how long have you guys been watching?


Been watching for 4+ hours. Still no drops.


I’ve been watching for over 3 hours now and gotten nothing for my time. This is a great idea for how to unlock items, blizzard :confused:


I’m hoping at this point whatever drops you got are distributed at the end of the stream (7 pm PST).


I can also say i have received none of the rewards yet.

(Tom Powers) #8

Hello Malthus,

If your preferred Blizzard account is linked to your preferred Twitch account, rest assured that your Overwatch viewership hours are being tracked! In-game rewards will be granted to accounts in batches.

More details here. We appreciate your support and thank you for your patience! :+1:


Do we know how long the drop delay is? It’s been about 6 hours here, just curious.


Thanks for the Info! :fox_face::+1:

I had just been wondering why i hadn’t received anything yet…