Battle of Olympus Statue

I know this is wayy late, but they said they were gonna put a statue of the hero that won that big leaderboard thing in game.

Did they actually put in the statue, because i swear i never seen it.

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It either just hasn’t happened yet, or they meant it’ll only be on that one Ilios Deathmatch map. A lot of conflicting info about it.

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Nope. I think Blizzard is hoping people forget so they don’t have to do it.

Which is weird because they already have a Junker Queen statue prepared, all they need to do is just switch out the statues, bam done. (there’s probably a bit more to it but you get what I’m saying)


Eh it’s most likely going to be on a new map, more so than messing with the one already in game.

Be it pipe line wise it’s just hasn’t happen yet. Be it I would expect it some point either with season 4, which would be the next big content patch. Or whenever they decide to update the arcade with a new game mode.

That way it’s all neatly focused on the same chunk of the game.