Battle for Azeroth releases today - Here is what Overwatch Players should know

Hello everyone, forum MVP WyomingMyst here. World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth launches this afternoon at 3 PM PDT. While this isn’t a big deal for those who don’t play World of Warcraft, be prepared for potential issues that may impact our ability to play Overwatch.

Expect possible disconnections and/or login queues around 3 PM PDT I hope this won’t happen, but I rather assume for the worst. I recommend setting some sort alarm if you are playing this afternoon as a reminder to avoid Competitive Play around the launch window. As always, disconnections do result in leaver penalties which cannot be reserved!

Expect long customer support wait times! It is highly expected that there will be extremely long wait times for Blizzard’s Customer Support. This includes web tickets, live chat, and their callback service. I do encourage posting on the technical support forum first for any issues outside of account access or purchase issues. Players like myself will be around to lend a hand.

Battle for Azeroth Digital Deluxe collectibles still available
Those who purchase the Battle for Azeroth Digital Deluxe package for World of Warcraft will get access to a variety of Warcraft themed emotes, sprays, and voice lines for Overwatch. I believe this will still be available when the game goes live.

That is just about it. I am hoping the launch will go smoothly for both World of Warcraft players and Overwatch players alike. However, I feel sharing this now will hopefully help anyone who sees this and be ready for the crazy afternoon ahead. Cheers!


“I need you to kill 20 [insert beast or humanoid here]”.

Why is Blizzard still beating this dead horse?

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It could be worse, you could be playing MapleStory.


f3 f3 f3.

What’s wrong with MapleStory?

Other than p2w.

And Nexon.

This type of quests was years ago and it represents a few part of the content, and the game have millions of players yet.
You is just another wow hater that don’t know the game.

I saw the cinematic for the Battle for Azeroth, and even though I don’t know any of the characters I still enjoyed it. Only thing is, Blizzard’s cinematics look way better than their actual games. World of Warcraft dosen’t live up to the graphics as the cinematics do, and that’s what puts me off. Idk, I should look into it more,

I played WoW from Vanilla and stopped just before the Kung-Fu Panda expansion.

World of Warcraft is one of blizzard’s oldest active games. It was originally designed to work on Windows XP after all. it also has one of the widest system compatibility requirements.

It sure looks old.

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A lot of people still love it, play it, and are happy to pay $15 a month to do so. Heck, I might even get back into it eventually.

Why would they not continue their best source of income?

That’s because it is.

He did just say that…

Heck StarCraft (the original) is older than WoW, and there is still esport competitions for it.

this is exacly why you don’t know the game, it changed a loot after all theses years after you quited.
But if we only consideres the time you played, you still should know that the game is not only do quests in open world.

Pure childish hate

Thanks for the heads up, Myst

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Guys please be respectful to each other, I don’t need to be flagging posts.

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Yeah for sure It’s wise to avoid competitive for at least 12 hours when it launches just to be safe, it’s likely all games and players will be affected especially when logging into bnet client, there will be a huge que

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Tell me that the finale of this expansion won’t end in a draw for Horde vs. Alliance, and that the losses for each side are compensated by gains. Or that even if a third faction arises (Forsaken), each faction’s battles end in a draw.

Thank you for letting us know.

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When you have to anticipate issues on the server due to the launch of another title.

Worst part is, there’ll be warnings and notifications on the app and people will still come to the forums and be like “What gives?”

Not to mention the site is completely down.