Baston's Ult aim location

Any way to track the location of the Aim reticle while Ulting as Baston?

Tried to gain the eye position or facing direction of a bastion player while he uses his ultimate? And see if the eye position changes per maybe second or so, the facing direction from that new eye position should be Down (0,-1,0) of course.

No, his Eye position stays where the character model sits. I didn’t try facing direction, but if it’s tied to where he’s sitting, it won’t help either.
I’d assume it follows a similar logic as Junkrat’s Rip tire. But i was hopeful there Was a way to track it.

Is the Bastion’s throttle still valid when using aritllery?
If it is then you could chase a variable with the target being the Nearest Walkable pos of the Current pos + the Thottle & ground covered, in addition to checking for Secondary fire to know whether or not it also should snap to higher elevation.

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So it turns out, Ya the game recognizes directional input “Throttle Of” works. However, since Bastions Facing direction is straight UP, there’s no way I can see of telling the game what direction you move your mouse.
So, so long as you only move around with WASD keys, it ‘kinda’ works. Lol straight Forward, Back, Left n Right do. But diagonally adds both values together, so the movement speed doubles. I guess you could Double the Loop Wait time so Diagonal movement speed was cut in half…but at a cost of precision. And like i said, idk how to add the Mouse direction input.
Eh, owell. I’ll think of something else to do. However, if your curious as to what I did, Here it is…LMK if you were able to make the movement more accurate to the crosshair location. Thanks!!

rule("Bastion Ult View Tracker")
		Ongoing - Each Player;

		Is Button Held(Event Player, Button(Ultimate)) == True;

		Set Ultimate Charge(Event Player, 100);
		Wait(1, Ignore Condition);
		Press Button(Event Player, Button(Ultimate));
		Event Player.A = Eye Position(Event Player);
		Event Player.B = Eye Position(Event Player);
		Create Effect(All Players(All Teams), Orb, Color(Red), Event Player.A, 1, Visible To Position and Radius);
		Event Player.C[0] = Last Created Entity;
		Create Effect(All Players(All Teams), Orb, Color(Green), Event Player.B, 1, Visible To Position and Radius);
		Event Player.C[1] = Last Created Entity;
		Wait(0.032, Ignore Condition);
		While(Is Using Ultimate(Event Player));
			Event Player.A += Throttle Of(Event Player);
			Event Player.B += World Vector Of(Throttle Of(Event Player), Event Player, Rotation);
			Wait(0.048, Ignore Condition);
		Wait(3, Ignore Condition);
		Destroy Effect(Event Player.C[0]);
		Destroy Effect(Event Player.C[1]);