Bastion's Current State


As a Bastion main who values positive attitudes over all else in this game, I have some things to say about Bastion. Specifically the details in the recent patch.

So just to preface, I have 98 total hours on Bastion (almost 100!) with a 60-70% competitive win rate out of 520 hours total on this PC account. Most other heroes vary around 15-35 hours each save for a few. I just want to say I am not a biased one-trick. I just really enjoy Bastion and would like to see him have a nicer place in the future of this game. One where he isn’t a ‘throw hero’.

This recent Public Test Region change is amazing! I love that he’s getting minor buffs so he has some more potential. I’ve personally debated how I would fix Bastion if given the choice a lot, and I have never once considered a gradually increasing accuracy on his turret form. It feels great! Still though, I’m not sure it’s enough. Believe me, I’m the last person who wants to see him become OP because that just means he’ll be hated more. All that I really am curious to see how it would work if he was given an ability for his turret form. Whether that be a small scoot to do minor re-positioning every few seconds similar to Hanzo’s side hop, or something similar to D.Va’s rockets to give a bit of variety in his kit. A lot of people see Bastion as useless outside of a hard pirate ship scenario where he gets healed and shielded and defended by his entire team. I feel like a small ability that would really only benefit himself given he was in an alone scenario would give his aggressive strategies a tad more variety and viability while still keeping his play style basically the same. Though, I’m no professional. I just play a lot of Bastion and would like to see new strategies open up for him.

Now, this isn’t really a meta/balance thought, but just something that I found strange. Another change in this Public Test Region surprised me and I feel slightly betrayed, I can’t lie. I saw that Ashe’s ultimate, BOB, now turns solid gold with the golden gun purchase. Awesome! I love this. They even went so far as to add the BOB icon in her weapon previews. Though, if it only took a small amount of time to add this to BOB, why does Bastion’s tank form still not have any gold? The only visible gold piece while in tank configuration is his recon gun that is barely seen beneath the back left flap. I figured for the longest time that they just must not want to make something specifically for his ultimate into a gold weapon. But clearly, as shown by BOB, that must not be the reason. If there’s a good reason, I’d like to know! If not, well, why isn’t there any gold?

Aside from my minor complaints and thoughts, I absolutely love the direction Blizzard is taking with Bastion. Very minor buffs/nerfs to find an equilibrium definitely seem like the way to go. I would hate to see Bastion get a massive buff and become similar to Brigitte, where everyone just wants to see her get nerfed into the ground.
This probably sounds a little greedy, but I really hope to see some responses and thoughts. I want to know what other Bastion players or even non-Bastion players think of these changes and my proposed changes.


I definitely agree with you. His buffs are quite nice without pushing him over the edge like his original Ironclad buff(still some of the most selfish fun I’ve had in this game XD) And I’d much rather see these little changes over some kind of rework. His lack of mobility never really bothered me, just his hitbox size, which is WAY too late to change. Still, even without these buffs, he’s always been one of my favorite heroes to play(mostly in quick since dps is difficult to grab in comp, which is fine) so I’m looking forward to the new little tricks I’ll be able to pull out on people.


Even though I like the minor buffs Bastion got Blizzard is still making the same mistake with him that put him in a bad position in the first place number changes are not enough bastion needs a rework. He is the only stationary hero in a game full of mobility. Buffing Bastion will just crush the lower ranks, nerfing him will insure that almost no one plays him. Blizzard needs to change the core of what bastion does they did it with mercy sym and torb why can’t they do this with bastion. He transforms I’m sure that the overwatch dev team can come up with something. He is my favorite hero and I hope to see him in a more balanced place. I think its kinda funny bastion is feared and hated in the game lore and its nearly the same in real life. So to sum it all up I think bastion is a square and you’re trying to fit him in the circle that is overwatch buff him to much and you will break the circle cut the corners of the square to much and he will slip through and disappear. Please let me know your guys opinion.


That is the majority opinion of us Bastion players, for sure. But I can’t help but feel like it’d be cooler if said immobile character was built in a way to counter mobility. I have NO idea how that would be done though. I mean, as it currently stands I can usually counter most Tracers I face(outside of the high tier Tracer players) and can bait out Genji with relative ease. Overall, that’d be a tall order to ask I suppose :confused: So long as long ranged heroes still counter him(for fairness sake) then he’d still be balanced


Bastion units have appeared in multiple cinematics using abilities as they exist now for E-54 in-game. Blizzard has shown that they are willing to change abilities so that they don’t match cinematics with Hanzo’s scatter arrow, but that one small detail in one cinematic is a different animal compared to many scenes full of Bastions setting up into stationary guns with massive firepower.

Sentry mode is Bastion. Bastion is Sentry mode. That transformation into a stationary object is what defines Bastion, far more than Resurrect defined Mercy. Resurrect and Scatter Arrow were iconic abilities, but taking away Bastion’s immobility would be like taking away Mercy’s wings.


I agree with you but if Blizzard doesn’t change the way he plays he will either get played all the time or not at all I do agree that sentry is Bastions thing but sentry is strong and weak at the same time he can’t move so he can be focus fired can’t be strong because a stationary target that can win is overpowered a example is bastion old ironclad stats. People didn’t like bastion being able to handle any kind of damage they want him dead and taken care of. So tell me how do you make something like bastions sentry reconfiguration good enough that he won’t be at the bottom of the pick rate chart but not so good that the lower ranks will start throwing a temper tantrum because they can’t figure out how to beat it.


Bastion’s biggest flaw is that he is not selfreliant. Every other hero in the game can be effective by theirselves but Bastion is the only one that just can’t be properly played when someone is not babysitting him.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have such a hero but that’s the sole reason he is a niche pick and mainly played in Pirateship.

Statwise his recon mode is quite similar to Soldier, but why isn’t he played like one more often? Because he can’t heal and shoot at the same time, he has no burst damage potential and he is not fast enough to be played like a soldier. To make matters worse, he has almost twice as big a hitbox as soldier. All of this makes him almost useless outside of Sentry mode, therefore he has to be a sitting duck in order to even have any actual use.

The only way I see them being able to make him viable again without making him OP is by reworking him.


Yeah I feel the same way sadly I don’t think a rework will happen.


I think you are seriously underestimating bronze players in general and simultaneously overestimating bronze players on Bastion.

A Sentry Bastion is the easiest target in the game to hit. If he has a shield in front of him that makes him harder to deal with, that is teamwork and maybe that team deserves to win.

At no point in the games history has Bastion statistically been a problem in bronze when he wasn’t a problem everywhere else too. Bronze tier play is different from higher ranks but they surprisingly have a lot of the same problems, even with supposedly higher skill heroes.


Give him fortify. Orisa has it due to her immobility, Bastion needs that ability more than Orisa lol. That would completely fix him into a reliable soldier 76. Bastion is a frontline soldier, not a weak slab of metal that can be killed by arrows somehow.


Ana, Zenyatta, Roadhog and Zarya are also stationary heroes in a game full of mobility and they’re not in a bad place.

The solution to every problem isn’t to just add mobility. That’s how we get stupid things like giving Hanzo a lunge ability.


No they are not. They just don’t have movement abilities, but they can still move. And being able to move even the slightest goes a long way. Imagine being a Zarya and only being able to shoot while standing still, that’s how bastion feels like.

Bastion in sentry mode is literally stuck in one place. It’s like he is voluntarily inside a graviton surge, and with the amount of burst damage in this game it’s almost impossible to get out of the transformation animation and stay alive.

Now I agree that adding mobility is not the solution to every problem, but in order to keep up with mobility, you have to have mobility. That’s why pirateship is so good for bastion, he does not have to relocate every 3 seconds, but rather move along with the payload in order to be able to shoot at all times.


Had another idea for a qol improvement. Some cover in the game is great to set up behind because it reduces how much of your hitbox is exposed. But these are few. Too high and you cant shoot anything, and too low does not cover enough. What if bastion could raise and lower his turret slightly? Jump would lift his profile up and crouch would lower it. So you could basically hide behind some object just high enough to cover you and pop up and down as need be.


I am a Bastion main because im fond of immobility due to its ways it can be abused. If Bastion were to ever be able to move in sentry, i once encountered this bug that gives an illusion that you can shift your body a bit. Adding this can make a big impact whilist he is still immobile. If Basion could shift his upper part by just a bit i feel we could see something unique about this omnic (that is confirmed by me), that has depression.

He still has an E key / RB untouched, a simple personal sheild that lasts 3 seconds with a 12 second cooldown will make him Soldier 76 Viable without pushing his own form too far. That barrier could have 300 Hp. That will supress ANY amount of burst damage, similar to a Zarya bubble. No more hanzo / junkrat threats (major) On second thought maybe not 300 hp, 150 - 200 hp temporary barrier would be a miracle.


Bastion feels like half a character, with little cohesion or identity. Adding a new ability would be a good opportunity to fix both. I think he should get an E ability that also changes between turret/recon mode(maybe even tank).

I suggest this be a shield spawn on a moderate cooldown for turret mode. Turret mode just doesn’t work well in a game that encourages mobility. A weak shield that only lasts a few(3-6) seconds would make turret mode less of a death trap. My thought is E would project a narrow shield, or grant temporary health. The shield would have to hug his form for 180 degrees, maybe so close that his cannon in turret mode poked out. Snipers wouldn’t be able to kill bastion instantly while he transforms, but it wouldn’t last long enough to be detrimental during extended fights.

While in recon mode, it would grant a fortify buffer similar to Orisa. This would tie the two together in the lore, and omnics in general would have a running theme that could be expanded upon! I like this idea, because people often complain about Overwatch having too much CC. Bastion is a beefy robot with a large hitbox, surely that could would make him harder to move(even if just on a CD).

I also thought that Orisa, and the hypothetical Bastion fortify should remove/reduce headshot damage. This would give them a unique lore/mechanics angle, as placing important military electronics in an easily damaged appendage is ridiculous. Orisa also has one of the largest headshot boxes, with the extra buff to fortify it would lessen those random headshots when your body clips your shield unintentionally.

Another thought I had was turret fire should have a suppression effect on those it hits. This could lower their speed very slightly, or perhaps just prevent them from gaining speed/momentum boosts.


I have played against Bastion 10 out of my last 10 games in comp, offense and defense. It’s cancer. Just far too strong at low rank. Takes absolutely no coordination to play him effectively, no skill and too high reward. I don’t really consider a team that holds a shield infront of a person holding left click deserving of a win solely because of that. Takes a ton of coordination to deal with him and that doesn’t exist at any point until high masters+.
Can’t get through the choke against him, can’t dive him even if you do get through the choke somehow because you get shredded in a split second, cant kill him from the air because you’ll get shot down. Who cares about mobility when you can just shred any hero with mobility before they can do anything.
I don’t know why it’s necessary to have so many brainless heroes that require no skill in a “competitive” game. Even Mercy and Brig require more skill than him. Shouldn’t be rewarding players for sitting and holding left click at any rank.


i think bastion need a low clip sound like orisa in turret form.


If Bastion is such a brainless hero, then surely if you have a brain you should be able to climb to GM with him. So why don’t you?


A few of ideas I was thinking about for Bastion: Sentry mode.

Entrench (Passive): when in Sentry mode, Bastion sinks into the ground reducing his profile.

Camouflage (passive): In Sentry mode, Bastion blends in with the surrounding environment. Only active 1 second after full transformation with a 3m detection range.

Ganeymede (Active): While in Sentry, Ganeymede acts like a limited (5m) scan centered directly on Bastion to detect flankers. Cooldown: 9 seconds


I want to have all heroes be played and not be a ‘throw pick or nique pick’.

A lot people see Bastion as useless is due to nobody really plays him and they don’t know how to play him, properly.

Bastion can easily reposition himself in recon mode.

Bastion has mobility in recon mode. I don’t think he needs a rework, not like Sym and Torb needed one.

Bastion is self reliant, he has a self heal ability. Players that have no idea what they’re with Bastion, need someone babysitting them, not a player who knows what they’re doing with Bastion.

State wise more people are playing Soldier 'cause they don’t know how to play Bastion properly. Bastion is useful in recon mode and sentry mode, he may not be able to heal and shoot but, his recon mode is more accurate full burst fire than Soldier’s full burst fire. Bastion has to keep moving to have any value at all. This is why I don’t think Bastion needs a rework.