Bastion should legit be deleted from the game


It’s not so much the countering itself though. The problem is the degree of countering that makes every other pick immensely inferior, and the fact that hard counters shouldn’t even be a thing.
What if I don’t want to Sombra? Too bad. Forced into Sombra, because of the sheer difference between her and alternatives.


i disagree entirely because genji point - blank with deflection its pretty personal. #EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Hard counters should explicitly be a thing. Too much of the cast are generalist enough to not have weaknesses. These heroes end up being the only 20 people are allowed to play.

No one should think they are playing one hero tonight if this game was ever done right


unless u main genji and claim top 10 or nah top 1st on the planet #genji mains a different story.


… What? That’s precisely what dictates good balance: The fact that you can only play one hero, any hero, and never just straight up be dead weight. Every hero has counterplay, not just counters. Every hero can be outplayed. Skill always matters. And for this to be so, you can’t have hard counters (and need actually decent balance ofc).

Not everything has to be a generalist. Every char just needs to have an actual chance (when they should, not like Sym vs a Winston) by invoking skill. Otherwise, how can one say the game is competitive? Swapping isn’t a skill. The fact that I can roll a GM Sym with my plat Pharah completely undermines competitive spirit.


Yes, they are more effective, and always considered more high skilled than assault weapons due to the need to aim. You will always have more consistency with an auto weapon.


It use to only take sym yet they took away that counterplay in the rework thanks devs


i would clearly state that you are most definitely wrong!


They either need to revert Sym or give a new ability to someone that can pierce barriers. Bunker comp is unstoppable now except with certain ult combinations. No other comp in the game requires as much coordination to defeat at low levels.


You should feel bad because he’s one of the easiest heroes to avoid once you know where he is. There are very few good bastion players and most are always moving around… Most just sentry mode and sit there… these are the ones that are bad and easy to kill/avoid.


If you ignore half the support and dps cast, then yeah, he’s the easiest. As for cheesiest, Brig, Torb, Sym, Sombra, Widow, Hanzo, and Doom win that easily.


Well all the other DPS and Support class can - you know - move!

The fact that everyone else moves around makes Bastion easier to fight, you have no excuse for missing with any ranged weapon. Your maximum theoretical damage output is easily realised against Bastion as it really is just like shooting a training bot.

And and it’s so easy to be far enough away that the spread on his minigun reduces his DPS to the point where only 10% of shots could hit you.

Now, if you’re in the habit of just running at the enemy to close the distance in as short a time as possible while wildly firing in the hopes that some shots hit then, yeah, you’re gonna have a hard time against Bastion. Only because you’re making it hard for yourself, that works against the likes of Zenyatta, you chase them down so they can’t just duck behind cover.

No part of Bastion’s kit is remotely equivalent to the ability to briefly disengage behind cover to negate a burst of fire.


thats the point tho. you can’t remove his only counter play. he’ll be waaaaay to OP in lower ranks and just annoying in higher. if you buff recon so he doesnt need to rely on his sentry he could be more viable

50hp can make or break the battle esp since he’s healing. so it’s more than 50 but also the healing amount

minus the fact they have to get through a bunker…

on cooldown and bastion still gets a lot of ult charge. if he makes hog waste it thats a lot of loss.

retreat and lost battle? yah thats great value out of healing. all he did was charge the enemy

true but he wouldnt be able to shoot if he was hooked anyways.

the warning is not facing a shooting bastion as ana!! lol

yet she still dies quickly. missing 60% of shots still reks her if shes not behind cover asap

not really depends on the comp location and the enemy team.


Um, Bastion is very weak heroes, he need teamwork… You can take down him, yourself. Bastion has since no buff… Many times Bastion get nerf. I guess you in Bronze.


When turret form was not ruined a good Bastion moved between kills and actually used recon mode. Another failure on Blizz’s part. He only needed recon buffs at launch


Definitely give the abilities to a new hero reworks suck and it would be horrible to put people that love sym 3.0 in the situation sym 2.0 mains are in


You are saying because you dont get to headshot as bastion you need to outskill or outplay the opponent when in reality really there is nothing you do when you are in turret form beside spraying down people. Legit aim in the general direction. You are trading being able to headshot so you dont get headshotted. The only they can, they have to flank and headshot you which is kinda hard on its own. In all fairness bastion doesnt have a high skill ceiling or floor


That is NOT his “only counter-play”, Bastion is countered even without sleep-darts and hooks. Zenyatta is a counter to Bastion! A shield against Zen would hardly do a thing against.

Hook/Tranq is beyond a “hard counter” this is an “impossible counter”.

I’m not removing a “hard counter” a shield while self-repairing just turns an “impossible counter” into a “hard counter”.

Roadhog and Ana still hard-counter Bastion, because this counter is very very hard for bastion to bait out hook/tranq with a reaction response ability.

  • If Bastion raises shield too early then they can easily shoot away the 50HP shield
  • If Bastion reacts too slowly then he gets hooked/slept and shield is never raised

This is HARD for bastion to do.

A soft counter is when a hero matchup has an even easier relative difficulty curve.

Yeah, that’s the point.

I don’t get this attitude “how can you buff Bastion, then he’ll be better off” that’s the point of a buff. There’s this strange entitled attitude for everyone against bastion, as if they’re entitled to never EVER have their attacks on him not work.

Bastion has a 0.5% pick rate, the whole point is to allow him even the chance of more battles going his way. At the moment there are way too many scenarios where he cannot have them “make or break” his way.

He’s more than “hard countered” there’s NO LEVEL OF SKILL that can counter even the cheapest low-skill attacks.

And it’s very well established that such shields are a magnet for damage, they inevitably go down.

And as I said before, I’ll say it again: attacks that burn down a 900HP shield will wipe out a sentry so quickly, and another +50HP shield and a bit of healing would be weaker than trying to escape in recon mode.

Oh please, now we’re getting the ult charge excuse?

This is entitlement, it’s even a problem that Bastion might gain a bit more ult charge for his worthless ultimate? It’s far worse that that damage is healed allowing the healers to get their much better ults sooner.

Ana’s ult is far far superior to Bastion’s ult. All the healers have better ults and Roadhog gains ult charge from self-healing.

A loss of what? 8 seconds? Every other hero in the game can routinely make hog waste that ability just with base movement ability.

This is entitlement.

Everyone else feels entitled to waste roadhog’s short-cooldown ability with normal movement but it’s a travesty if any ability is wasted when used against Bastion.

Ana doesn’t need to care about that, she has a sleep dart that she has no good reason to miss. Just the attempt will buy her 1 second as Bastion is locked into self-repair for at least 1 second.

  1. why wouldn’t she be behind cover very quickly? It’s not like she needs to leave the safety of cover to get closer to Bastion, her sleep dart has infinite range, as soon as she rounds a corner to be within line of sight of bastion, she can take the shot.

  2. she doesn’t even need to do it ASAP as 40% of 450DPS is only 180DPS and Ana can heal +100HP instantly with nade, so it’s almost 2 second to get into cover.

It’s not as if we don’t want to attempt other options.

The only viable option we have is to shoot!

It’s not like it’s remotely viable to use self-repair when taking fire, you get far too little from self-repair for far too great a downside. Can’t even use self-repair as a buffer to attempt to escape when taking too much fire.

That’s not legitimate.

If you aim in the general direction you’ll be dealing only about 40DPS… not 450DPS.

Bastion doesn’t get headshot except that he does? No it’s not hard at all to get an angle for headshots, you don’t need to be at much of an angle off to the sides or above bastion to hit his blue critbox.

But that’s not the reason the devs removed headshots, it was likely the same reason they removed headshots from McCree’s right click, they found it too flukey in trying to balance the damage.


bc over buffing isnt good esp when it ruins low ranks who already struggle with that character COUGH reaper COUGH

this wont fix the problems he has for higher ranks where he needs help. he’s too dependent on his stationary sit n wait or sit n spray strat. it just wont help.

"inevitably " which many people struggle esp with multiple shields like rein orisa. some games they dont go down long enough let alone at all again its even worse at lower ranks.

not an excuse. RH is NOT good against bastion bunker comps. he has no break now. he has no way to get around the shield. and hes a HUGE target.

healing his healers LOSE when he uses it. yes ana’s is better but it doesnt mean that the enemy isnt getting more charge than the other is. RH uses most of it for him. ana needs help for her ult to work usually with other ults besides normal rein/winston. RH is taking damage from orisa, bastion, and everyone else while ana can only heal hog a bit while he heals himself and reduces his damage hog is THE ult battery and NOT known for his team’s ult.

8 seconds over and over of NO value is a lot. esp when the enemy has ult b4 your team does. esp at long ranges where there is little cover for him. it’s not even a real tanking ability. now if each push takes 10 seconds (very low estimate) then 8 seconds of waiting is 18 of lost time not including waiting anyone who may have died or other cooldowns like ana’s sleep n nade

hes not a great hero overall. hes either great or not good at all esp with fat hb and health. he lives n die by his hook thats it

shields enemy tanks etc. all can block it.

some maps have no cover and if your tank is RH probably have very little shields which bastion shred. also YOU made the point that 60% shots are missing her which means 40% still are hitting her in YOUR scenario!

dps damage PER SECOND. so if shes out at 3 seconds she is NOT gonna out heal that esp not on herself lol. also if so she wasted her nade anti > self/team heal. also if she has to heal her team as they face tank a bastion theres no way youre winning that fight let alone game if youre trying to out heal a bastions damage.


I dont have much issue’s with him and i play mostly Mercy
Just jump around like crazy all around him and shoot him… unless he gets pocket mercy its not hard