Bastion Rework already looks awesome

They said that all 32 already established heroes should be ready for the next OWL season, so we’ll probably get that info by next april :grin:

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Do you know when the next rework might be revealed or that we can get information about?

Bastion isn’t supposed to be safely tucked away when using his ult, he’s supposed to get in there and destroy things. Now they’ve made his ult easy to use just like 90% of them.

Everything that made bastion bastion has been destroyed or changed beyond repair.


You guys destroyed everything that made bastion who he is, and from his corpse you made a fat soldier 76 but with a sniper and no self heal.


Yeah but the tradeoff is that now he can get in there with his base kit.

Which is plenty more fun than “fps turret section: the character”

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The build we’re playing on for our daily playtests is close to what you saw on stream. A lot of the changes that have been mentioned, like the double Zarya shield pool and adjusted barrier values, were present and seen in the exhibition match.

That shouldn’t be taken as any indication of where we are vis-a-vis hero reworks. There are plenty of smaller playtests focused on testing other changes that haven’t made it into the main playtest build. Just as there are stages of public development and testing (like the experimental card and PTR), we have varying stages of testing internally.


Just to manage expectations: that’s not something I would reveal here on the forum.


You can always do a little trolling :trolleybus:

Fair enough. Thank you anyway though!

I have another question.

Can we maybe get a version of the 5v5 match played in OWL without the casters voices?

– Thanks!!

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Hey while i’m here i gotta ask, any reason the new turret mode was given a set time limit? Because i’m someone who’s played a ton of Heavy in Team Fortress 2 and concidering there is already a damage nerf, (possibly the unability to use the grenade in minigun mode) and a movement speed tradeoff in the first place (on top of bastion’s rather large hitbox), i couldnt help but wonder why it couldnt just swap between either mode without any restriction beside perhaps a short cooldown between transformations like hammond?

Something that wasn’t mentioned in exhibition/reveal:

How does bastions ult work with regard to ceilings? Does it just ignore them? Does he have to be in open? Can target not take cover in a room?

Not a proper answer but I would assume it works like doom ult.

The thing that complicates it is how they mentioned the projectile bastion shoots can be shielded, matrixed, and deflected.

Edit: BOB also spawns from the sky and can be used indoors, same with call mech.


Maybe watching the stream where bastion ults could provide an answer.

Depends if we see the projectile launch upward and then curve down, or just appear like meteor strike does.

If it launches upward, it’ll likely follow projectile rules and get blocked by ceilings.

This is kinda a different case, BOB and Call Mech technically aren’t tangible until they collide with something [likely just the floor] or the Mech is equipped.

How do we know they aren’t tangible if they can collide with something? :thinking: being able to collide is what makes it tangible, is it not?

Genuine question! Not trying to be rude or a sarcastic.

Hopefully it’s not a real projectile and it just runs some checks to make sure no matrix/grasp/deflect/shield hitboxes are intersecting the chosen spot. If it really is a projectile then the ult is gonna be trash IMO.

The whole concept looks like it can EASILY replace our current version. If you slap it on now even with much lower DPs Bastion will be a MUCH viable pick and destroy the low rank pirate ship

I think that makes it an interesting tradeoff because if a tank (especially given the fact there is only one now) decides to use its barrier to block it by aiming upward, the run the risk of exposing the rest of their team from being shot on the horizontal plane. And tanks that cant aim their barrier are gonna be in trouble because bastion will most likely aim BEHIND them.

I think the only hero that could fully hard counter hit would be winston but that depends on how much damage dem airstrikes do.

If I were to guess, it’s likely that “hit the floor” requirement that activates tangibility.

Like how Symm’s turrets don’t start dealing damage unless they’re secured to a wall, where it requires a condition to trigger activation.

In a way the reverse of how some abilities allow the player to phase through the enemy.

We’d know they aren’t tangible because they can’t receive damage or deal damage [Dva mech not killing until the mech slams down for example]. I’m not entirely sure if Bob can be stunned as he is coming from behind ashe while falling, but I doubt it.

They said it’s max 600 at the moment (300 direct hit and 300 splash w/falloff). Assuming that all the shields will receive hp reductions like Reinhardt (and damage is unchanged on release), then Winston bubble may only be able to tank 1 shell.

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