Bastion really needs help 😭

You can check Overbuff if you want, he has less than a 50% win-rate from Bronze until platinum. I’m not sure why that is

Plat he has 53% winrate
Gold he has only 49% winrate which is expected for gold
Silver is 48% normal
Bronze 44%
I think let me rephrase that.
He’s viable in plat and below.
And you’re kinda proving the point that bastions pretty bad and needs a rework.

I wouldn’t say having a less than positive win-rate makes him viable, but sure. If his win-rate was actually positive in low ranks and bad at high ranks, I’d agree with you

Just give him an E ability like Torbjörn that gives him a small shield or armor gain temporarily without increasing his movement speed, give his sentry mode the ability to move and strafe but at a 50% movement penalty and finally give him a 50 round clip for his primary fire with a faster fire rate. He will be viable tbh, just like 76 minus the healing your allies part.

Pretty sure that their motto seems to be that when all else fails then just abandon the hero, or at the very best just throw a random nerf or buff and hope for the best.

Bastion however does deserve a rework, assuming they can execute it reasonably well and actually listen to feedback this time, unlike some other hero reworks cough cough.

Geez Chibi, throwing shade, that’s pretty… cool ? :wink:

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i waited for that a long time ago
now i can blame rein instead of him blaming me as sym

( joke ) plz rein mains relax

The problem is Bastion will never get help. I mean look at this post, It’s been up for so long and It’s one of the largest on the forums… but not much has changed. We can post feedback all we want for as long as we want but nothing will come out of it.


Could you at least explain what you’re saying though. You made a claim and you did use Overbuff but you didn’t explain how she’s worse.

That’s not even close to true he still has a good 7% on her lol

And if you use the month for gm he still has a 2% lead on her

Well, she has the lowest win-rate overall. With it being 46.54% and Bastions being 50.79%. Bastion just performs better than her in every rank apart from Grandmasters. Which is why I don’t believe he should be top priority when it comes to reworks, because other heroes need it desperately more than he does.

pickrate is important too. If his winrate is roughly 50% with way under 1% pickrate, that means he still only works about half of the percent of a percent of the time. That’s not good. Also I made a post about this but his winrate goes down the more he’s played, so if he were played the same as Sombra his winrate would really suck overall even more.

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Yah, same with plenty of other heroes.

when you are facing Bastion pick Hanzo and melt shield with Storm Arrow and peek shots. Ask your teamates to shoot the shield also

Give a cannon shot on E, bastion fixed. Same damage as during the ult.

I also like BTC idea, make sentry mode an ability like overload, last about 6 secs and has a 12 sec cool down.

But during sentry, its old school pain, basically no spread, critical, and .5 sec deploy.

Shift would become a leap jump or rocket jump allowing bastion to get up to better spots.

That sounds like the worst thing for Bastion. Sentry needs help not big nerfs to time. Timed abilities are easy to bait and then be useless. Also it takes 10 seconds to go through stacked shields so he would even lose that place.

E is open. Also why not tankmode on E with a valk type ult? It actually makes sense on Bastion. We actually came up with that idea for Bastion way before Mercy got it and it’s really annoying.

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It’s sad to see that people prefer letting Bastion being useless and die rather than accepting the fact that they don’t know how to counter him.
The bad faith of some person here is ridiculous.

i has been three years with this issue, there was a pirate ship in owl in fact. And the enemy team lost. We cannot say that lack of skill or how to like…pick a sombra, pick a hanzo, flank…all in theory is amazing.

The issue is not bastion, not that he is op or uncounterable, the issue is the sinery he creates with other people in the team with little effort, communciation or coordination.

This is worse and worse as you go down, same as turrets are easy… but hey…
Look i understand that this game is supposed to please a wide range of skill. Trust me when i say that i can be the most casual and worse player youve ever seen. But after 3 years I try, i try to aim i try to play…and do not take advantage of characters that are op against people not coordinated, that destroys with little effort.

I know what it is needed to “theoretically” kill a bastion, but is easier to put a bunker than to counter it. thats the issue

Idk if i want him to be ever viable… he is so annoying and stupid. Stay in one place and shoot dealing tons of dmg.

People in my games doesn’t even know how to counter him.