Bastion needs a re work

I saw some good ideas of his rework on the forum.

I liked this one.


Bastion has been the WORST hero in the game for years (except the 1 day after his rework went live). Years! Each balance patch comes and goes with no changes for Bastion and no developer even acknowledges his bloody existence. Its pathetic.

I KNOW PEOPLE HATE TO PLAY AGAINST HIM. But come on… he is so far below niche level it is just plain negligence. He might as will not exist in this game.

I’m not asking for him to be buffed up to be META or anything that drastic. Just make him good at SOMETHING. It is getting stupid at this point. He is out-shined in every aspect of his kit. Seriously, I feel bad for Bastion mains. No other main knows your pain, I imagine.

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enough with reworks, every rework takes dev time off proper content, and delays it.
i’d rather have devs working on new heroes, maps and things instead of reworking heroes over and over, wasting time and money and because of it we get zero content.

Two variants of Bastion; NERFed variant for Plat and above, and a buffed variant for Gold and below.

I think bastion should have reduced movement in sentry mode and not be completely still. Even 40% of his norma movement would be a good idea to try out on the experimental card.

Why would you give a buffed version to lower ranks? That’s exactly where people get value out of him. It isn’t until plat and above that he’s a throw pick in any map not Junkertown.


Because I have seen around a dozen threads saying he is a throw pick in lower ranks - with lower ranks asking for buffs.

The higher ranks he may be too OP, with higher ranks asking for NERFs and reworks.

you cant have 2 different states of balance with a hero, then they’ll climb above the threshhold and not understand whats going on

It’s meant as sarcasm.

cant convey sarcasm through text, and its the forums so people are actually dumb enough to suggest stuff like that


Eyy, that’s a good feeling to know somebody still appreciates my hard thought work.

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Unfortunately I think it’s no doable in workshop, you know, how you give him a personal shield (you mean barrier?)? How to work in his spread and stuff? I guess there’s no how to do it completely.

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So… In other words giving a Bastion the ability to be protected by 3 different shields now, simultaneously and at all times??

Yeah, I don’t think I even have to say how bad of an idea would that be and how ineffective, along whole rework you’re suggesting, in the sense that it wouldn’t solve any of Bastion’s fundamental design problems that have been plaguing hero for years, but maybe even make them worse…


I was not the one suggesting it. @ChibiFox suggested it.

But a 400 HP shield, plus shorter spread plus being able to head shot makes it more interesting to at least secure a kill and get out of sentry mode straight into tank mode and get mobility to scape maybe. I don’t think that is bad.


(I wouldn’t waste your time arguing against this guy, he is pretty dead set in the idea that Bastion is somehow strong when paired with shields alone.)

This would not only make Bastion more survivable when focused down heavily, but give him a varying level of playstyles.

Pop-up Bastion would suddenly be something you could at least attempt, coming out of nowhere and surprising the enemy, becoming a “Bastion” For your team.

A heavily guarded Bastion would actually be able to do his job, and be able to fight flankers head on.

I think the most fun part is that if the sentry doesn’t work you could always go straight to tank mode and get out.


Do his players want a rework? Look how many people hate what they did to Sym. Keep him niche and unique imo, heroes dont have to be perfect for every situation.

This would also enable Bastion to have that little bit of mobility he always needed… without being OP or like, a moving Sentry Mode… which wouldn’t really be able to be balanced either way.

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No one ever claimed that he should be “Perfect for every situation”

Oh, and to answer your question…

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

20,326 replies of active discussion on the topic said yes.

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Of course that’s not bad… For the Bastion player.

For pretty much everyone else, this whole ““rework”” is just a net buff to Bastion (which is just nothing but an absolutely terrible decision of itself that even the devs have thankfully not made, mainly due to how terribly - designed Bastion fundamentally is). It doesn’t fix any of the heroes’ design problems, it just makes them worse.

And that’s the absolute last thing a hero like Bastion needs right now.

Umm… How about minding your own business of bias and misinformation and let me have an actual discussion, not a monologue with a person in the Forums?

Thank you.