Bastion meta sfun

i think i have cancer

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It’s not Bastion meta, it’s Tank meta and it happens that Bastion is strong against Tanks.
On any other Dps you just cant out damage heals which require 0 skill.

So we have a game were 0 skill heals provide more value than 100 skill damage and on top of that we have Tanks that has 3x time more health + same damage + mobility + all kind of defencive abilities.

Bastion is meta bc on any other dps you are useless most of the time.

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The OW2 Bastion rework has been impressive - But I still think there are tiers of characters based on skill (I think they originally had a difficulty rating)

Playing Bastion vs. a Genji or Sombra is an embarrassment. They’re trying to make this character less of a cheese Left click Ult to win - But it’s still EZ mode. Any team pushing a Bastion to win competitively shouldn’t play…

I’ve been playing mostly tank recently and love going Sigma against Bastion. Save my kinetic grasp for when he turrets, walk in front of him and then blow him up with a rock and a few balls.

Feels great.

That’s the whole overwatch league man.

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the meta is supposed to mostly revolve around tanks, the current state of supports with just orisa and zarya makes this the worst meta ive played since ow2 release