💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored

I’ll try and close that gap for ya :wink:

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gives like
No you won’t


his ultimate ending disabled him for 1.5 seconds. If you saw at the end he was looking at you during the transformation.

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Being punished for existing!

The Bastion guarantee!

Bastion main, Glutton for Pain!


Why don’t they allow him to move while transforming out of tank/sentry? Only reason I can think of is how wonky it would look.

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I’ve literally seen people complain he shouldn’t be able to… I don’t understand why people are so Harsh towards Bastion…

Just let him Move… ;-;

So first of all: congratulations for reaching silver. I belive that you can reach gold pretty easily when you continue just playing :slight_smile:

Then welcome back pelgaphil and RosenAria to the chill out zone or the friendly Bastion discord where you cant get off topic because we are so off that it dosent matter (looks back at fox discussion and cooking advices).

So then again another off topic discussion: will some of you guys play Fallout76? Or Cyber2077? I am hyped and try to play Boarderlands in the meantime :slight_smile:

Do some of you also just hang out here but dont play OW anymore for… a lot of reasons other than Bastion?


I think I watched the gameplay reveal 3 or 4 times.
I’ve been hyped for this game since it was first announced so of course I’m going to get it.

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Same. But I think we dont know the release date or do we?

Nobody can hurt me without my permission. Mahatma Gandhi


OK the last game was Solo ult the bastion… ok im not salted… seriously im not salted.

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I want to form a cult now, at least then people throwing that word about would actually be right once in a while.

Also, I wish I could draw, I’d want to draw a bunny resting with Ganymede on Bastion. :heart:


ht tps://w ww. deviantart .com /ayyasap/art /Bastion-Commission-by-DeviantArt-for-BLIZZARD-608390770



More! I want more! :heart:


Bunny i want to thank you, i have been seriously salted tonight (sydney time.) but you have made me laugh and smile that is something i really find rare and enjoy, though i think over this weekend i will be taking a rest from overwatch to play the other game i relax to. just because im getting to tired of the [five hundred expletive words redacted.] problems they have of me playing in ways they do not expect heroes to be played.


Anything for you guys, you help me de-stress all the time!


Why is it that the people who play a walking minigun are good at helping people destress?


Honestly, the forums have been stressing me a lot lately… I’m considering taking a break, but I kinda still want to drop by in here because it’s so chill. :slight_smile:


Tank ult on E is a great idea but it has to address the 0 mobility issue in Sentry mode. That is Bastion’s Achilles Heel and the reason everyone tells you to switch off him. Give tank mode instant transformation upon hitting E from Sentry mode. Give the damage the same as Pharah’s rockets with same DPS and reload time. Give the tank movement Soldier’s run speed but in ANY direction via repulsor lift technology like what the Vanu Sovereignty uses on their hover tanks in Planetside. If he blasts up with rockets, that’s makes transforming into hover tank mode instantly believable.

What do you mean by hover tank? If you want some vertical mobility in tank, you have rocket jumping.