💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored

Can someone explain me what trust level is, again ?

That one is Pharah’s version. Mine is also linked a little lower than that… yeah, I kinda agree that having it like that would be a bit clunky… I like parts of it, but I’m not super sold on the whole charging thing…

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There’s an entire THREAD on it! Just link it so we all have the same idea in mind when debating!

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I’m not either.
Thing is, this is the new main bastion megathread. THIS is what will be debated.
And that feels CHEAP! 5 sec PER SHELL ? You mean you’d have to transform, which takes a while, then charge up your shots then fire for no benefits ? Just have a firerate and be done with it!

Huh. Sorry I’m letting my salt out. Just don’t try to put to many useless mechanics.

You better have a deep hero than a complex one.

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I personally find Hanzo’s storm arrows a bit more forgiving to a Bastion then scatter arrow.

Storm arrows have a sound and visual cue that makes it really obvious when Hanzo is using it, and as the killing blow mostly happens when multiple arrows hit you, you still have a chance to run away at the first shot, and you can pretty much survive once you are out of Hanzo’s line-of-sight.

Scatter arrow however was pure crud, as you have no idea as to when Hanzo is using it until he shot it, and due to Bastion’s large size, its very easy for him to get insta-gibbed by that one arrow before you can even react to it.


Agreed. At least it’s not instant.

It’s actually possible to survive Storm Arrows, whereas it wasn’t possible to survive scatter… standing up normally gets me killed though, because of the standing animation and losing Ironclad…

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You need a healer though.
And use your self heal.

You only need a healer if he shoots an arrow to begin with… any half decent Hanzo will, but scatter storm alone can’t kill Bastion

That is why I tend to position myself as close to a hiding spot as possible.

I think press ‘shift’ once you hear the whooshing sound of storm arrows activating, which would make you take at most three arrows before you duck behind cover if said cover is right next to you.

Hanzo is definitely a strong opponent against Bastion, so you have to play cautiously around him and keep an eye on his position if you are in his line-of-sight.

Scatter alone can kill Bastion. I know. I’ve died to it many time.

My most vivid memory of it was in Illios well. I was in turret mode behind a wall. Looking at the kill cam, the Hanzo first used sonic arrow to see where I was, then shot a scatter at the wall behind me through an opening, and that killed me instantly without me ever knowing that he was around.

Scatter or Storm Arrows ?

Oops, storm

Uhm… Is This the thread you mentioned?

Because… It’s up there. >.>

Then why

I know this isn’t your words. But this should’ve been worked on more.
You cannot say one thing then say the exact opposite while pretending both are true. It’s called double think and it’s a fallacy.
Stahp it.

Well, i mean… They are two different points of view, yes?

This is a mashup of multiple view points… so there are bound to be different and even conflicting sets of ideas…

<.< If i’m understanding this correctly.

Kinda like: “If we were to use a shield on Bastion, then X And, if we were to Not use a shield on Bastion, then Y” Kinda thing…

But also considering different versions and variants of design ideas?
Idk… I just spent a few hours in the Arkansas Heat, moving large objects around…
My brain’s a Bit Fried right now. :sweat_smile: Sorry.


There is someone who “laid out a common agreement for how tank on E would work”.

Most peoples aren’t gonna click on that link. Most people will only acknoledge the E tank included in the OP. You know, the one that’s visibly less detailed, less fun to play and less fluid.

“This is how we discussed it, i made it short for you.
Also this thing exist… I guess.”

Pardon my salt but this feels like ignoring someone’s hard work.


Now, as Sombra says:
I need a freaking drink.

I dislike Bastion. He needs his entire kit gutted like with Symm 3.0. Giving numbers buffs to the way he is now would make him annoying as heck. He’s either a joke and dies right away, or he’s being pocketed and shielded so hard that he’s virtually unkillable outside of being solo ulted


I hope you’re not saying what i think you’re saying.
That’d be selfish.
And I’d make any aussy say “Sir, that’s insulting”.

If you mean a rework, then i’ll redirect you to the Tank on E rework thread.


Symm mains didn’t ask for their hero to be gutted, but that was what she needed. Bastion is the same way, a slight rework won’t fix the hot mess of a hero Bastion is

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