💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored


It is beautiful.

Thank you for sharing this.


That summed up all 20K posts of this thread.


this is still up… if ye wont answer why not just close the thread already mods? RIP will miss this place.

It’s not the mods who will have answers for us, but the devs.

In other news, I do hear the was a rumored nerf to storm arrow coming, which would be amazing for Bastion.

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It would be one less thing to utterly delete the hero…


They nerf it to simply three arrows, then nothing really changes.
Hanzo would (Unless my math is off, pls help. Or unless they make those arrows more damaging anyways.) Still be able to land a regular arrow, them pump you full of the rest before you can even react, literally still just killing you without a chance.

I’m exhausted right now so I’m probably wrong, but with 1 normal and 3 storm Bastion would live depending on how long you are in sentry.

Will go more in depth in the morning…

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Good moorning (here in spain) everyone!

I like to see this thread alive! Keep pushing!


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On paper everything about Bastion sounds good so why isn’t he good?

Because on paper everything about Bastion is an advantage for his enemy, and a disadvantage for himself.

His only advantage is supposed to be increased damage, as in, VERY high damage and very punishing damage, when he’s not able to move.

Is it punishing, or high damage in practice?

Hell no.

It’s tickle damage when your enemy even let you hit them, and even if you get the drop on them, you have to have like a full 10 seconds to kill any meaningful amount of the enemy.

Bastion cannot deal headshot damage, and thus is restricted to sometimes being almost barely playable when an entire team enable him, and even THEN people act like a Bastion securing kills, is somehow bad.

tanks are betting a buff, yea their shield is lowered,
but whene you see orisa having a slight rof lower but better movement than bastion…what is bastion anymore ?

like why ? another nerf to bastion, i see it

Bastion is ult charge.

For the enemy team.

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Again why is this thread not locked already. Bastion is FINE.

There’s 20k posts above you that say otherwise.
Would you like to provide an argument?

A baseless statement is just that… baseless.

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They say otherwise, because they think that Bastion NEEDS to be viable at ALL times. That is not going to happen, that is also not what should happen. He’s a big turret with the most dps in the game, with the least mobility. That will not change and it is no use complaining about it.

Not only did no one want for Bastion to be something Bastion isn’t, Bastion’s actual damage output is rather… low.

Want to talk numbers? We’ll talk numbers.

This^ was against non-moving training dummies in an open field.

Against real players, those numbers drop considerably.

Bastion does not have “The highest damage in the game” In fact, he’s underneath Reaper’s optimal damage output. REAPER.

And aside from that, no one asked for Bastion to be playable in “All situations” Or as you put it, “At all times” We’re asking for Bastion to be… playable.


RIP Bastion is dead next patch.
No more shields for him, RIP.

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You are comparing Reapers OPTIMAL damage output against Bastion’s LESS than optimal damage output? Reaper’s damage output is crap if not done point blank. Bastion has spread, yes. But his targets are not training bots. Everything with a bigger hitbox than the training bot gets pretty much every bullet. He HAS the highest damage in the game, but again, he is not viable in every situation. Bastion is fine.

Bastion is trash and will be even worse with less shields. I don’t even play him. Still. Does not matter what elo he’s just gonna be worse with less shields. simple.

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