💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored

I think that one of the main reasons Bastion is never buffed is because his pro-scene pick rate is significantly higher than his ladder pick rate, similar to Pharah.

Let’s be honest, the pro ladder could win with a full team of blinded Mercy’s only using their pistols.

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 With the health reduction to all barriers coming Next patch, will it have any affect on making bastion more useful?

No, Bastion will die as if he has no team defending him either.

Meaning, Bastion will be a sitting duck no matter what team coordination you have.

That's true, barriers are imo his biggest weakness as it negates his high damage (which is all he offers) and gives enemies free reign of fire at his immobile hitbox.  There is also the armor revert coming.

 I love playing bastion and I can usually get away with it in gold/plat, especially when the enemy comp is barrier-less.

Idk how you even get away with that in gold if i’m being honest, but good for you.

All i know is, it’ll be hell now even worse than it’s been to try and play Bastion.


It is beautiful.

Thank you for sharing this.


That summed up all 20K posts of this thread.


this is still up… if ye wont answer why not just close the thread already mods? RIP will miss this place.

It’s not the mods who will have answers for us, but the devs.

In other news, I do hear the was a rumored nerf to storm arrow coming, which would be amazing for Bastion.

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It would be one less thing to utterly delete the hero…


They nerf it to simply three arrows, then nothing really changes.
Hanzo would (Unless my math is off, pls help. Or unless they make those arrows more damaging anyways.) Still be able to land a regular arrow, them pump you full of the rest before you can even react, literally still just killing you without a chance.

I’m exhausted right now so I’m probably wrong, but with 1 normal and 3 storm Bastion would live depending on how long you are in sentry.

Will go more in depth in the morning…

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Good moorning (here in spain) everyone!

I like to see this thread alive! Keep pushing!


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On paper everything about Bastion sounds good so why isn’t he good?

Because on paper everything about Bastion is an advantage for his enemy, and a disadvantage for himself.

His only advantage is supposed to be increased damage, as in, VERY high damage and very punishing damage, when he’s not able to move.

Is it punishing, or high damage in practice?

Hell no.

It’s tickle damage when your enemy even let you hit them, and even if you get the drop on them, you have to have like a full 10 seconds to kill any meaningful amount of the enemy.

Bastion cannot deal headshot damage, and thus is restricted to sometimes being almost barely playable when an entire team enable him, and even THEN people act like a Bastion securing kills, is somehow bad.

tanks are betting a buff, yea their shield is lowered,
but whene you see orisa having a slight rof lower but better movement than bastion…what is bastion anymore ?

like why ? another nerf to bastion, i see it

Bastion is ult charge.

For the enemy team.

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Again why is this thread not locked already. Bastion is FINE.