💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored


He has a negative winrate in low ranks. Try again.

  1. Try again… again?


What in general do you think would fix that? I don’t mean an idea in particular but feel free to share, but what would make him more flexible? More mobility? More firepower? More protection? That sort of thing.


He needs a redesign, right now he is garbage. He’s bad and he is terrible to play against.

Delete him or redesign him from the ground up.


The only part I agree with here is that he no longer works.
As my buddy Master Ian Gamer said:
“Bastion is a hero that was designed back when Blizzard wasn’t sure what Overwatch was going to become, and what it has become does not work for Bastion.”


Design from the ground up? No.
There’s a working kit that can be put together with what he currently has they just need to be rearranged in the right way and gone over with a coating of new mechanics


Not to sound rude but I was asking Astro.


I was replying to your reply to me, you quoted me twice.

I just think he is a broken character, and needs to be fixed. Despite my obviously negative bias.

I don’t enjoy him in his current state.


You got massive facts very very wrong and I pointed it out. Unless you can prove he is OP in low ranks and does 1600 damage then you’re still wrong. I proved that he has a negative winrate (not OP) and does 450 damage (30 shots per second 15 per shot)


Do you like him in his current state?

There’s nothing fun working an entire comp around 1 player just for him to be effective. In lower ranks he is a nuisance. In high ranks he is a throw pick.

He’s a character that is only good with these 1 trick players who dedicate all their hours into playing him.

I’d not be sad at all if they just got rid of him.


His current state isn’t good but that doesn’t mean DELETE OR MAKE HIM NOT BASTION!!!


That’s just like, my opinion man. I don’t see what they could do to fix him.


I was 100% agreeing with you until that last sentence lol


stating facts that statistically aren’t true isn’t an opinion. he either does 1600 damage or he doesn’t, and he doesn’t.

Oops I thought you were responding to a different comment, sorry.


Yes, he doesn’t. My bad. I thought I remembered reading that he did 1600 dps in his turret form but obviously I was wrong.

I personally think 450 dps is too much.


In Overwatch, mobility = options
and options = flexibility
There are 2 paths to go down with Bastion:

  1. Make him more durable, but decrease his damage. This really wouldn’t be Bastion, though.
  2. Make him more mobile, but decrease his survivability. This certainly is still Bastion.

Bastion is defined by his insane damage above all, so if we want to preserve that while making him a functional hero you MUST make him more mobile.


It’s actually surprisingly underwhelming considering the drawbacks of Sentry. I agree that it shouldn’t be so easy to do 450, but 450 as a maximum doesn’t cut it


Yeah I don’t think his design is great at all. Lower his dps to 300 in sentry and make it instant. I duno.

Right now he feels garbage to play against, and play as, and have him on your team. He is a liability.


Other heroes do that much damage, he’d better be able to walk around in sentry if we do that. BTW that’s not an actual suggestion from me.


Right but he has armor and self heal.


can’t shoot during self heal unlike other heroes and armor sucks now. They nerfed it.