💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (570+ Likes, 18,500+ Responses)


America weponizes everything :wink:


Discord is just a evolution of the old IRC (Internet relay chat) system of a few decades ago. I started my life with computers when 286 machines were the must have computers for gaming, but i was interested in computers before then unfortunately my income wasn’t up to the task of me being able to buy my own machine. and have stayed up to date with things ever since. I would rather be behind a keyboard than at the bowling green fossilising, people of my generation have very little to no idea on how the world has evolved since we were teenagers or how fast.

And Bastion mains are some of the best people out there.


i think im playing ash correctly…



poor bastion …


Poor Bastion, the armor nerf will impact him making even more harder to beat a Soldier 76 on a heal station from far away.


Also, now Brig is dead. Reaper is literally a tank-killing machine, but will still lack of an engaging ability. D.va nerf is meh tho.


They should make Bastion a 350hp hero for compensate !


rip bastion ?
becaus each time bastion gets more and more nerfed

i dint see a buff anywhere in the 2 years


More I play Bastion more I feel when I lose than the enemy team just need to play Hanzo for killing me.


that what hhapends to me, eac htime i play bastion, i also get

play bastion another game/time/map/team

so…whene is next time ?

for me its not ,and im continuing playing bastion, even if i lose and even if its my fault or not, sorry but im not fking around, im just playing bastion


Build a comp around one character is a dumb idea/tactic and even with that most of the time people would switch him for another hero after the cheese.
Make Bastion better and more viable without making him overpowered is not that hard . . .


I finally realized their intention!

Just saw the patch notes.

RIP Bastion.


Made this in a desperate attempt for help: Bastion compensation?


Sorry, tanks need nerf, not because every tank buster is overnerfed.


but the armour change nerfs sends Bastion back into the graveyard, this is a fangs out war for us we waited 23 months for the only balance patch Bastion has seen since the ironclad disaster, and within a month we are back to begging for some level of viability.

Yeah nerfing the tanks really does over nerf Bastion and why should we take that standing down?


I’m okay with these changes. Bastion will have a better time clearing tanks. Heroes with DoT will do better while snipers will still struggle a bit. They didn’t Nerf Bastion’s ironclad which should work even without armor (it’s been a while).


Maybe we overreacting a bit. I don’t think it will make a huge difference at all. Maybe for Orisa and other heroes that really rely on the armor but Bastion is maybe protected this time because of IC. Maybe it as finally it’s purpose.


I feel bad for Bastion as I don’t think the overall changes to the game are good for him ignoring his changes which hurt. And I do truly believe that Boss would have become a good meta comp but now there is no reason for it as it was at its best against tank stacks.