💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (570+ Likes, 18,500+ Responses)


Yup, me too, something happened


So Mcree´s roll is now 6 seconds… Now I am scared


Seems like the shields have been changed.
I’m hoping they’ll add a opacity option for the shields at some point, I can’t see through red shields. xD


Maybe that´s the objective of the change :thinking:???


theres a bastion dune buggy bug fixed…
in the least theres that.


Funny enough that was a thing that annoyed the hell outa me.

Good to see something fixed.

Now if only i could respawn in Mystery FFA Without staring at a black screen for half a day.

I Literally get killed half the time before i can Move.


hey jared, liked the buff?


Grav and molten core anyone?

I guess im gonna die the next update.


if not it wont matter.
torb is here to make your life a living hell


What buff?

i mean which one :wink:


fusion driver one.
maximum spread reduced from 1.5 to 1.2


if not them you might as well cry cuz they wont listen to a word you and the orisa mains think.


Patch notes are live?

Hmm thats something but i guess i need to test it first. Its not like i can live long enough on orisa to do anything plus the heals are so crazy i deal no dmg when headshoting.


for them she will be balanced and they will ignore any community cry.
like they did with sombra, like they did with sym, or mercy and ofcourse bastion


Soldier is now pinpoint accurate for as many shots as he needs to kill.
Pharah is going to be a nightmare.
Mei has had some changes, even though I don’t see any.
Blue shields are now easier for me to see through. Yay!
Rein has been removed from the game.
Torb is now a hard counter to Bastion.
And McCree is now one speedy boi.

Did I miss anything ?


Meanwhile my orisa bug still kicking me in the butt, or maybe it will be fixed who knows anymore?




You doomed us all…



They’re not reading, you’re safe to break ToS as you please.
Funny thing is: they’d have to shoot themselves in the foot to proove me wrong here.


DO NOT DOUBT THEM. its too much of a risk