Bastion is the lowest picked hero in the game in Diamond+

This is pretty sad to be honest.

Bastion has been neglected for more than a year and we haven’t gotten a WORD on his state, even torbjorn has a higher pickrate (and he has announced changes in the works).

Not a single buff has improved his worse than garbage status. The rework left him in a worse state than at launch.

At least attempt to make him better, or say ANYTHING.

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The problem of bastion lies in his kit, no buff can arrange that.
He is stationary so anyone with decent game knowledge can counter him at ease.


This is a troubling time, friend.

But we are still here.
We are still collecting data, and suggesting changes.

Have you by chance been to the Bastion megathread?

Sadly, It’s currently the largest thread on the entire forums, that hasn’t been addressed in any official sense.

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (230+ Likes, 9400+ Responses)]


because of his sentry mode he needs the team comp to be built around him, if you’re decent enough to build a bunker on a payload with Orisa, Bastion and Mercy and have another healer, tank and dps to open space it’s a free win

He is just so skillful only his mains can play.him

Not even owl players can


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This is what some people actually believe. Bastion really needs a rework.


Ah yes, the playerbase is making use of that free win with his sub 0.5% pickrate! /s

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Problem with Bastion is that he’s too slow. His recon mode deals very sub-optimal damage while sentry mode exposes him badly enough for the enemis to focus him down. He might see play if we had a triple tank meta…

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The main problem is, His enemies live long enough, to focus him no matter what.

He just doesn’t do the right damage in the right places anymore.


Free win hero, where do i sign up for that. I earn every kill i make if that ruins a red players game so be it. I play to win and for the Cult of Ganymede.


tighten his spread if nothing else

I get the whole buff him too much and he is a monster at lower ranks but you cannot penalize a character because of what they might be able to do without testing it


oh lord, i never realized how low his pickrate was, i spoke out of my own experience since that’s a thing i usually do with my friends (most are plat/diamond), sorry fam

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Yea… Every time i see people learn Bastion’s real data… They give a similar response… X3

Such as the fact that Bastion’s Sentry dps is capped at 450, At point blank range… And that’s assuming every bullet hits the target.


Yep… I learned that the hard way when I dove into the bastion hole when I bought his gold gun…

(that aside, his gold gun is lit)

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It was my first golden gun.

I had it for like, a week before the nerfs. .-.

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a moment of silence for your lost 3000 cp

Hopefully one day it will be worth it


Here’s a look into the past for you:

(Just don’t mind my horrible console aim, from like… a year ago.)

I want my dangerous bird loving friend back.

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I remember in the good ol’ days at launch when people thought bastion was OP…

Good times…

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