Bastion is being forgotten

That would be the best…


New Thread for some Hero fixes:

us.forums.blizzard. com/en/overwatch/t/how-to-fix-some-heroes-ana-rein-mccree-bastion-reaper/87883

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Ok so we do know they are gonna look into ana balance. Well its something.


What? Where do you get the information from?

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Bastion needs to be that hero they kill off in the lore.

Falls in water and circuits fried.

hmm we will have to wait and see…

Oh no… that is not good… remeber when they said they look at another character… oh god pls no… ana need also changes but bastion… no please let it not end so fast!


Thats what i was concerned about when i read that.


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The thing with Bastion is that he’s not useful solely as a main DPS character. He’s meant to offer secondary fire support, while he’s not currently being focused on. (IE. forcing your enemy to think your team’s tanks are more important to take out than the Bastion.)

unfortunately as a character with no mobility, he’s about as useful as Hanzo for countering Dive.

I mean to be fair Ana has MANY times more players than Bastion, so I can’t blame them for focusing on her first, but Bastion…

Statistically there are more GM players than there are Bastion players in the entirety of Overwatch, but if anything I think that’s a reason for investigation by Blizzard.

We WILL get an update on Bastion, it’s just a matter of time, even if that time isn’t very soon…

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Bastion is a good robot that should not be killed off in lore but maybe he gets better at avoiding conflicts/urban areas so no need to fight lol
(Love the character but hate to fight against him/see him pop up on my team)


Its almost one and a half years now… he gets ignored and not even we can play him anymore because he is crap.


Btw the storm arrow vs bastion tho.

F u n :rofl::ok_hand:

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Its horrible I am in a game right now…

Same, guess whos not playing bastion at all :smiley:

Bastion current tier is:
:parking::o2::o2::parking: tier

Theres a very small chance we will find each other ingame, but i belive

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Is Bastion even at a tier anymore?


In this meta you dont even need tanks… its truly DPS watch now… ironic isnt it?


I cant even play orisa anymore, what else is there to pick?

Current meta: “what is going on?”

Same I am a tank and supp main… hell what is that… torb and sym are also not playable…

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I’ve picked up Widow, and dusted off my Reaper this season. =)