🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)

“Now this is a thread I haven’t seen in a long, long time…”


damn the dust in this thread is old, glad to see it back.


I don’t want to sound toxic but it seems like the title is happening again.


Been awhile since iv’e been to the forums but i’d like to throw a Bastion total rework idea into the mix “as long as were spit balling ideas :stuck_out_tongue:. A lot of people have suggested giving him back his pre rework Sentry fire and I’d agree. He just doesn’t chew through stuff like he used to and even with Ironclad he falls pretty fast without a friendly barrier guarding him. He also needs at least some mobility in Sentry mode to be viable. Of course he should still be vulnerable to long range fire and sneaky flankers to balance that out imo. They could change him so he gets back the ability to headshot in Sentry and give him the pre rework spread for it. The time it takes him to transform into Sentry would be reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. And he would gain the ability to move at 50% movement speed “Reinhardt barrier speed” while in Sentry mode. When transforming into Sentry his bottom half would turn into tank treads with the top being the minigun. When transforming into tank mode he would once again gain an instant extra 150 armor as he did before his last rework. His total health in Sentry and Recon would be converted from 200 health and 100 armor “300 total health” to just 200 armor “200 total health”. He would also gain a frontal 200 health recharging barrier that can block non area damage and debilitating abilities after transforming into Sentry "Sombra’s hack and EMP would still go through it :stuck_out_tongue: ". To balance all that out he would lose Ironclad in all forms and he would be changed to a short to mid range blender by having his Sentry fire do full damage only up to 20 meters. Beyond 20 meters his damage per bullet would be reduced to just 1 “just 60 dps when head shotting long range targets, also another reason to switch back to recon when necessary :stuck_out_tongue: '”. It looks like it would take a huge total rework to make him viable in the higher tiers again. I’m curious if he would need changes this drastic to do it? Thoughts? Any ideas/modifications to this to add?

Love spit balling any and all suggestions :slight_smile:

Hey you want to give that suggestion here:

It’s where most Bastion discussions is happening these days.


Thank’s for the tip DrcClan. Will do.


I’m still annoyed about how nothing has really changed with Bastion. Since his failed rework.

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Luckily as weve seen with Sym the developers may do more than just one rework on a character if it’s needed and there’s a big enough outcry.

Jeff has said recently that they don’t want to rework anymore characters. Also that they are in “watch mode” in terms of balance. Which is upsetting since a lot of stuff is kind of blatantly unbalanced. At least when it comes down to actually playing as Bastion. Bastion litterally has to live around a shield and the fight at the shield he can barely see anything.


  • Why does storm arrow completely counter Bastion?
  • Why does Genji get to deflect point blank in your face?
  • Why does Brig stun, stun Bastion?
  • Why is Bastion as big as a tank in recon mode?


  • They nerfed Brig stun to 5 damage because it completely countered Tracer.
  • Genji deflecting right on top of Bastion prevents him entirely from shooting at different angles. Even if you are not shooting the Genji.
  • It’s 5 damage but it doesn’t make any actual sense. For it to stop you from shooting. Rein’s charge and hooks have a reason.
  • Yeah if you haven’t noticed he’s the biggest dps role character in the game.

ah that sucks :frowning:

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Bastion isn’t even that strong in bronze, he’s like, C-tier. I dunno why players from other ranks keep spreading this myth.

Devs could buff tank and recon and bronze would be fine. I totally appreciate them being careful but Sym is way stronger than Bastion and that’s Sym. Bastion is hard countered by the bronze meta.

I hope the patch with the next tanks also has Bastion buffs.


Yea IKR :slight_smile:. Anything that gets too close to him usually wrecks him and people who are far away get away because of his terrible spread and/or wreck him “snipers :smile:!”

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gold border with private profile. you deserved it.

Someone is at the field with a shovel in his hand…

what is he digging up? What is that?


this post again…


Bastion always claws it’s way back.


Even and especially if necromancers are involved.


Give Bastion the Torb/Symmetra rework. Make him useful when he doesn’t have a shield and not completely broken when he does have a shield in front of him.

This post can never die


How about adding bastion scanning ability?

You nerf so much for an incredibly weak copy of another hero’s ability.

It’s one of the worst proposals I’ve ever heard for a hero.