🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)

It should be fine. Just don’t forget to credit him :wink:

I can always come back here if something needs to be changed.

So i should just add something like: "Credit to GrantMan" Under the links?

I Just wanna make sure i do this correctly…

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Either that or before.

If before, then say something like “Then also GrantMan has made some threads discussing Bastions TTK/Damage potential and Tank on E.

Then that should be good.

Perfect! Thanks again…
OK… Here Goes…

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My gold bastion gun is ready (Lenny face)

The Topic has been created.

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May i add this in at the very end?

Thanks! :kissing_cat:

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Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure Pharah could have posted that… I think they adjusted how posting links works…

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Well… (っ◔3◔)っ It exists now…

Should i not have posted it?

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Sure :wink:



No, I mean, it doesn’t really matter who posts it, as long as it gets made… I’m just saying that I think Pharah could have posted links.

I think it’s only trusted sites or something though… Twitch is trusted though

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Now That is interesting… O.O

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O daym.

It’s ok tho since I’m at work and I wasn’t able to post it anyways.

Just scrub out the parts where I said I can’t post links, lol.

Should i… Actually hunt and destroy them?

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Yes, like the old game of asteroid… or bastion spraying and praying into the Forrest in his cinematic

Thats just funny :stuck_out_tongue:

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do a strikethrough

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Ok, i’m actually going to remove the part where you said you could not post links, out of the main part at the very Top… Is that ok?

Or strike it through, i guess.

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I think its ok because you speak as Paharh in that moment. Or do you mean something else then behind the lovly hearts?

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I get off my break in 10, but I forgot to say

“autobots, roll out”

when the new thread got posted.

If I become unresponsive it’s cuz I’m back at work. But I look forward to the progress made on the new thread :wink: