🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)

No, brigitte takes bast in most situations. Only if she gets suprised by you (or tries to solo you from RANGE) does she go down.
1v1 is not really a thing bastion does anyway, as he can rarely pursue anything, and if he tries to go full recon, then yeah he might get that solo tracer in a corner, but that goes for most heroes, even ana can counter stuff like that.

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Its a 60% in brigittes favor… if you cant react quickly you are dead.

just bring back old turret (long range bast) …or 35% ic …(reaper style bast) …either is kinda “fine” … im just so tired of feeling like there is only one place bastion works and that is the “suprice” bastion strat thing. Oh i allmost forgot the “tickle the enemy so they get annoyed and preform badly” strat.

I really really really want Tank on E to be a thing, and I can definitely see them doing it with what they’ve been doing recently, but I would also be happy with just a revert too… I would rather have ranged Bastion, but close range Bastion would also be acceptable with 35% Ironclad back. I don’t think they’d go that route though… It wouldn’t be broken like it was back then, but I still don’t think they’d do it…

I still love playing surprise bastion but the worst thing about itis usually to get into a position where you’ll surprise the enemy team you need to go out of position which leaves you unable to escape the 1 vs 2/3 or just the 1 vs 1 vs someone who wont let you run to safety.

Bastion has “too many weaknesses compared to his strengths”, he needs a buff too :cry:


That is part of the problem… he dont have strengths in the moment


Maybe if his punch acted like Brigitte’s shield bash. Not as in the stun by I mean it’s a cooldown ability that only works in sentry. It’d probably do something like push the enemy away and slow them. It’s like a knockback version of Orisa’s Halt.

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What response? Where?

He meant he’d me perfectly happy with any of the changes suggested and a response from the devs. He didn’t say there was one he just said he’d be happy with one.


3800 replies and zero Blizzard response.


So nothing new here.

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Sorry for any confusion, I was listing things that a Sentry revert would have to come with…

Such as, a much needed Response… ;-;

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Am i even going to be playing this game, by the time this thread reaches 4000 replies?

When will this be addressed? 5000 replies?


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So… Can we give Bastion a different icon in the kill feed for getting a kill in Sentry?

Would that at least be a nice QOL Change?

Would it Effect anything at all?

IDK if it’s needed or if it would do anything.

As QoL I’d still like his tank gun and welder golden. Genji has his sidearm and dragonblade golden so it’s not that far off to ask for Bastion.


And then there’s the spread. Played a game a couple of days ago where I surprised the entire enemy team on the Lunar map on a stairwell by setting up in turret behind them. I fired straight into the mass in front of me… and killed no-one as the bullets sprayed randomly around. I was only about 10m-15m away. A freak Mercy headshot then killed me.

Even when I aim having snuck up on people unawares I cannot headshot, or even hit reliably, whilst they can just spin around and hit me with a random headshot.

Makes you wonder what the point is to outflank an entire team as Bastion, trap them in a crossfire, and then get rewarded with zilch.


Blizzard fix Bastion I can’t even get out of the spawn room doesn’t matter what I do I just die again and again no hero should be this bad.


this stun meta is killing me I can’t do anything

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Umm, you’re in sentry right? They can’t headshot you from the front.

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