🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)


An Assassin is on the loose.


One thing I want to vent really quick is I LOVE reporting people and coming on the next day and seeing “Thank you for reporting” It makes me sooo happy. I’m glad those people who thought it was ok to call people “ret*rds” and such are getting what they deserve.


I have never actually seen that Message before. o-o


Well then, it would seem that Bastion may not be off the table for the “someone else” Blizzard mentioned. Ana’s changes are already on PTR!


They are?
what are they


[Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 3, 2018]

Here ya go! :3

Ana can Nano boost herself in DeathMatch…


She may have been the “someone else” ;_;


Nope, it’s still Bastion.

And you cannot convince me Otherwise.


Then why’d you like my post? just joking


I liked your post because it ups the chance of it being Jetpack cat.


have any devs responded to this thread?


No. If you look above the slider bar thingy it would have a little box with the blizz logo only if they responded. Clicking on it is supposed to take you to their post but half the time it doesn’t work. It would also have their logo on it on the front page.


That’s the goal tho. Lol


ok. Sorry im new to the forums. Just getting back into this game and wanted to see what they changed and stumbled upon this interesting read and wanted to see if the devs actually acknowledged it. Really disappointing that they haven’t.


No need to apologize bud!

We’re friendly!
Most of the time…

I hope you have a Non-Toxic time here on the Forums!
Just don’t forget to bring some Popcorn to the Interesting Threads…


I say give bastion the photon barrier from symetera once she is reworked. Perfect ability for sentry. Small temp shield that will stop bs attacks from taking bastion out, it will at least reduce his counters to be somewhat reasonable instead of practically the whole cast as it is now.

I can see it now… Hog hook! DENIED! Hanzo bs storm attack… DENIED! Who else… Ohh pharah, that pigeon totally needs to be DENIED. Of course this would only last a few seconds enough for an escape.


This may or may not be Bastion related:

I just got a Drop of 100 league Tokens! :scream_cat:
And for the life of me, i can’t figure out what skin i wanna get… :neutral_face:

I’m considering getting a Fusion Skin, Possibly Bastion.


As we all know, cosmetics are the most important thing in this game Anyways.


get the dynasty one. It has a ton of gold trim. Pair that with his golden gun and you’re a golden Bastion.


I already have the Dynasty one… :no_mouth:

And five other Dynasty skins…

But yea, that one’s Beautiful.

I’m totally not a Cosmetic In-Game item collector or anything.

I have Dynasty:


Do i attempt to get as many Dynasty skins as i can? :sweat_smile: I don’t have a Problem, No… i swear.

It would be kind funny to have an Entire skin set.
Every time i would load in, I would be wearing a team skin. O-o
I wonder if anyone would notice that… Lol.


Now i’m considering getting Doomfist’s Dynasty skin.

It looks pretty good with his Golden Fist. Which i Literally don’t have.

But idk if i could ever Replace my Favorite Yondu skin.

(Guardians of the Galaxy Reference: The Caution and Irin Skins look JUST Like Yondu.)

I got the Doomfist one.

Now i have to learn how to play Doomfist… :joy_cat: