🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)


Who now was nerfed? .


Tracer’s pulse bomb does 300 damage instead of 400 on the PTR.



Its like christmas if thats true.

D.va has gotten nerfed as well. Feelsgoodman


No way, really? This must be a dream.


Im about to test this on my crappy 22 fps pc set up just to see.


Patch notes are real in your dream too then :laughing:




You are my favorote person.




Aw, thanks. :heart:.


Finally some good news.

oh wait, whats that?
bastion changes?



You know out all the things with tracers kit, pulse bomb was the thing i hated the least. I thought it was more of an issue with Bastion that he got one shot then tracer.

But I’m not complaining.


Tbh I feel kinda bad for Genji. That Deflect hit box was broke pretty badly, but if Brig and Sombra become meta then rip the ninja.

I don’t like seeing any character in F-tier, since mine has been there for awhile. :frowning:


I don’t feel bad for that guy. Anyways he wont be F tier. He will have to be more cautious now.


I personally, Can’t wait for the: “I keep dying as Gengu, pls Fix!” Threads to pop up… :smile_cat:

Since they wont have as much of a Get out of harm free card anymore.


Regardless I feel Tracer’s are going to have a much harder time against Bastion now. Recon match up will be about the same I think, but even still he will live with 5 health due to armor yes?

If this change sticks I think that the Sentry match up goes from 80/20 to 60/40. And Tank might even be in Bastion’s favor.


I think it said specifically it is still gonna cover his body. I think it is gonna be more like he has to be actually shot at in order to deflect.

I don’t think it will effect Genji’s ‘get out of jail’ at all. Make it so that the offensive potential and the ability to block for teammates will be lowered significantly.


By “get out of harm free” i mean Mccree’s and such will Actually Be killing gengus now.

And it’s amazing.

That, and can we all rejoice at the Removal of Scatter arrow? :thinking:


For scatter I actually think that the ‘Storm arrow’ is going to be ten times worse for Bastion specifically. I haven’t tried it, or played against it.

Call it a gut feeling.


The only problem with this is, Tracer can, and without a doubt will, Lay a whole Magazine into you During/After the Bomb. -.-

Perhaps Brigitte will help counter this? Lol

Bastion is also left “Alive” After being pinned by Rein.
But no bastion ever survives it, anyways.