Bastion buff brainstorming thread

So here’s just a bunch of random ideas I had that could possibly make Bastion more viable. Obviously not suggesting all of these at once, just throwing out ideas and seeing what sticks. Please feel free to add your own ideas.

  • A pneumatic leap ability on a decently long cooldown. Could use it to either engage or disengage. Like it could set up while behind cover and then leap into the open and start firing. Or instead, use it to escape, but the cooldown would be long enough that you would have to be careful when you use it.

  • TURRET WHEELS! Seriously though, as long as it moved really slowly, I feel it might help without being too strong at low ranks.

  • Barrier that replaces healing while in turret form like in beta. You’re probably gonna have a healer anyway so this reduces the need to run double shield tanks if you pick Bastion. Also it wouldn’t be like Rein or Brig’s barrier where they can just take it out and put it away when they want. It’d be on a cooldown, like a small Orisa shield that is placed directly in front of you and lasts a couple seconds.

  • Make its critbox not be an obvious glowing cube! Just a visual change, but it’d make it just a little harder to kill Bastion if its weakpoint weren’t bright blue and visible for miles.

  • Give recon mode a sniper rifle and give turret mode more damage falloff to compensate. Because why not.

You want ideas? Here our work for months now:

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Dont fit.

Also a no go.

We have a variant of that in the thread.

Will change nothing because of his hitbox.

Nope it should only be his movement mode. There is a reason that it is a worse 76.

Hey man, I think you got some very good ideas. But I think that before he gets any buffs, his health and/or firing rate has to be nerfed. He is in my opinion completely broken.

He should be the DPS hero. The one that shreds shields and deletes enemy’s in seconds. Right now he is a joke. If you want a discussion please join our thread and present your ideas there. Your welcome. No joke. I let the others explain why that is not right what you wrote there :wink:

I like the leap. Sounds fun as hell

There is no right or wrong, it is simply my opinion, that is where you cannot judge it.

Also, don’t think that what i wrote is meant to be hate, you just can’t say my opinion is wrong. And don’t ‘advertise’ groups, I prefer smaller groups where others care when someone posts.

You are under the assumption we can’t judge opinions.

Dont remove self heal

E barrier ability with 300 hp used mainly to block hooks and stuff

25% - 30% ironclad

Spread reduced

Bastion on a pogo stick? Sounds super goofy. As good as that would be, it wouldn’t make sense with his character (not his kit, his character).

But if it moved slowly, what’s the point? You might as well get up and move.

This one I dig. Put a little personal orisa shield in front of you but you can’t heal. If it went away when you went back into recon mode, I could see this working.

Sure, why not. I can get behind this one.

That seems a bit extra. Not saying I wouldn’t dig it, but we definitely don’t need it.

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