Barrierwatch on Ptr?

Notice how the new hero is constantly being played with Rein or even worst, Orisa. There’s so much time shooting shields it’s a nightmare. (Especially Orisa/Sigma.)

Is Sigma actually an offtank but with a barrier? Idk how to feel about this.

If we go by the definitions of what a main tank and off tank are and do in OW then he’s just a anchor tank and a main tank and comps with him and Rein and Orisa are just playing two main tanks

that is a thing too

guess what?

neither do 90% of the dps players either :joy:

they be like… hmmmmm… other dude is playing genji, maybe playing widow all game will be ok? my undying perseverance and optimism will surely smash those barriers into pieces and win us the game

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True, it could be 2 main tanks. It just feels overwhelming. More then Rein/Orisa ever was.

Playing Sym is pretty fun. Always at lvl 3.

Well Sigma is going to be in every match on PTR because Sigma. In addition to that, a lot of people want to test out Rein with his new steadfast passive. And the teams who are serious about winning will swap to Orisa who we already know is ridiculously strong.

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Sigma is or Sigma with the ability people have on him thus far is a relatively bad main tank.

As a result, people are running an additional main tank so they don’t get rolled if the other team picks another main tank.

He’s not even out of ptr yet

He’s not even out of [the] ptr yet.

When he’s released on live and people have a chance to practice him, his strengths will be more apparent.


From what I’ve seen Sigma actually doesn’t have the best synergy with Orisa and Reinhardt, if anything, his compliments are Zarya and Wrecking Ball

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Count your blessings that role queu is a thing now or you would be seeing triple tanking make a return.

I think its more confusing for baptiste, who ive heard is a main support hero like lucio or mercy, but is used often by flex support players