Baptiste was supposed to be available in comp today

When will he be in comp? A dev said a week after his release. Is it later today or were they misinformed?

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They made a typo.

It’s 2 weeks, not one. [From what I’ve been told]


Ugh that sucks…

They said it would be one week but then they corrected it to two. Not sure why we need to wait two weeks, though…

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Maybe because Baptiste in particular isn’t exactly the easiest hero [Fairly high-skill requirement for a Support, perhaps on scale if not a little less than Ana and Zen] so 1 week may not be enough for the common player to get a good enough grasp.

Wouldn’t explain why Brigitte took a month to hit Competitive though. Don’t want to kick a hornet’s nest but I think we can all agree Baptiste is harder than Brigitte.

They wrote two weeks but I believe I saw it changed to three weeks.
I’ll check again and edit my reponse accordingly.

It is two weeks I’m sorry.

Kinda sucks. It would be nice to have more healing options in competitive 6 vs 6.

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Eh… I believe Brigitte is harder myself. Just from a style perspective. I am better at aim based characters than melee and his immortality field is like a get out of jail free card.

Well I mean, you are free to your own opinion, it’s fine if you think so.

I just think that Baptiste is a lot more mechanically demanding, and as a Support his healing is a lot less reliable than Brigitte’s.