Baptiste Lamp Bug

Played a QP match on Dorado as Baptiste and his lamp bugged out twice. The first time, it just disappeared. The second time, it hit a wall, hopped around on the ground for 3-4 seconds before jumping in a random direction and triggering when/where I did not need it. Replay code is W2NW2S. The first incident is at 5:52 and the second is at 7:53.

the first one is kinda ur fault… u threw it into a tight little space where it had no room to ricochet, the engine has always handled that by destroying the lamp.

second one is weird tho. if i had to guess, that electrical box that the lamp lands on is coded as a slope rather than a floor, and u just got rly unlucky that it started bouncing off it w no lateral momentum, so it just kept bouncing in place. interestingly, u do see the engines failsafe for this kinda situation eventually kick in after a sec or so, knocking off in another direction.