Baptiste - Developer Q&A Answers

There should be a game to see which two characters can have the longest logical conversation using only their voice lines.


if their is a new charactor could they be in any relation to mei?

They honestly don’t care at this point. Their only concern is OWL, and they push out characters in hopes of staying relevant and exciting. I wish they’d put as much effort into fixing their games as they do mass producing heroes as of late.


One hero every 4 months, as has been the case since the beginning. That is not mass production lmao.


Touche, I still feel that if they put more effort into fixing the game instead of trying to put new content out we would all benefit more. Especially since some of these characters are part of the problem itself.

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Is this not what the PTR is for?


PTR is a sub optimal testing environment due to pings, and playerbase.

Optimal testing environment is live, optimal testing time is minimally a few weeks to a month or two.

They are squeezing the development juice as much as they can.

No. It’s for bug testing.

I do agree with this, but it’s better than not testing; obviously nothing will be as good as live, but you can try to make it the best you can unless we’d rather have another mercy-rework-like situation.

That’s part of it but I’m pretty sure it’s to actually test content. If I recall correctly, the devs said that they didn’t think Mercy’s rez after rework was really an issue because nobody gave feedback that they were rezzing way more people in the PTR (essentially low-key blaming the community), meaning a purpose of the PTR is to test all changes.

I find myself worried that Baptiste is going to end up enhancing GOATS dramatically, rather than destroy it. I could definitely see a good player utilizing Baptiste’s package to run rampant with a 3-3, especially considering his potential DPS.

This character is going to make waves.

Mechanically, no it’s not.

What about if the rez would have a longer range in valkyrie, so we can stay out of trouble more easily in different situations (rezing more easily behind corners, mid-air or behind shields).

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I’m not interested in lore. I just play to shoot things. … like crates and balloons…

Can you guys change it back to one week? Waiting longer doesn’t make people try the new hero and practice them more, there will still be a first few days to a week of competitive being nigh unplayable due to the amount of people that never touch any other mode.

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Hey, come on, its not like releasing another visibly power-crept, OP on face value support will totally distort the game for months or anything. Ana and Brig are surely flukes.

What is essentialy the difference between Mercy’s shots and McCree’s?

Oh no, why should Supports be strong and define the meta instead of muuuh deepeeees!

Hitscan and projectiles use different methods of calculating hits. Projectiles use an actual entity with a hitbox that checks for collision with the enemy’s hitbox. Hitscan simply checks for an enemy hitbox in a straight line and registers a hit if there’s one there. It’s not a “nearly instantaneous projectile”, it’s an actually instantaneous calculation. The “projectile” you see when you fire is entirely cosmetic.

Does that include a moving target (like a shotgun vs. flying duck)?

I’m not sure what you mean?