Baptiste - Developer Q&A Answers

Michael Chu, there are dozens of videos from TV of Haiti on youtube that might surprise you. They don’t pronounce “P” in “Baptiste” at all.
I’d rather trust the native speakers.

Is it possible it depends on area, like different accents/dialect? It’s the only reason why I could think that it varies so much. My understanding when looking up the voice actor, Benz Antoine, is that he’s Haitian-Canadian and he does pronounce the “p.”

(That is, Haitian family, born in Montreal)

Quebec French is another thing, yet in Haiti they speak French that is very close to European. They made a character who’s from Haiti and operates there as well. No sense making him suddenly a Quebec guy. Definitely, it’s a minor thing, but there’s a bunch of them already.

any chance we could get an indicator when landing a healing ability on an ally similar to Anna? Or at least increase the sound?

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Because Baptiste have the colors of the classic blue, yellow skins because it reminds me of the skins of tracer Slipstream?

I wanna ask if like baptiste will cause that much problem if he heal him self with the grenade luncher (right click mouse)?

I actually freaking LOVE that Baptiste and Sombra are genuine best friends. Can’t wait to see their interactions in and out of the Archives event.

Since Amplification Matrix clearly boosts Baptiste hitscan primary on PTR, I assume non-projectiles in this context refers to Beam weapons (zarya,symm,mercy)

It would, his biggest weakness is self sustain.

Because right now the game has turned into Ultverwatch and having heroes that can put a dent in that is a positive thing.

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I agree with this. Plus, if it were an ultimate, then it would have to be less easily countered in order to fit into that idea, and a difficult to counter immortality field sounds awful when you consider things like GOATS and snipers alone…

And of course as an ability it’s actually super easy to counter, and requires thought when used but has the potential to deal with the damage creep in the game that was an issue leading to brig, and thus goats. (admittedly he, and this patch as a whole, does add to the damage creep issue…but if it kills goats, i guess it’s ok? just no more snipers…please…)

It’s really annoying and unnecessary that we have to wait for a month to get to play the new hero. PTRs are bullsh1t and we know how much of the feedback is taken into consideration. Quick plays are cancer and we could easily test the new heroes there, no need for PTRs. I’m quite tired of these Q&As and other PR stunts. This company has gone to sh1t… Hate me for it, but I’ve been following Blizzard games for 10 years and it’s all the same for every game. They used to kill all hype for diablo patches with their 2 months long PTRs. I haven’t seen anything like this with other games…

I really want to know what stupid reason they are going to come up with for this but of course they aren’t going to reply… Anyway, with everything that has happened since Blizzcon 2018, I’ve lost all hope and trust in this company.

Instead of fixing the issues that have been a constant topic in the competitive forum why not create another hero people can play in Trollverwatch ?


Hahahaha I love how this “answer” completely avoids answering the question. W/e we all know these Blizzard Q&A’s are worthless anyway.

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why is game such garbage?

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Its not garbage, its just that your mad at the game because your either bad, have bad wifi, or have annoying team8ts. Dont say its garbage though because its actually a decent game, wait, no its more than decent. its amazing. Just try playing a different way then how you do now. look at the game from a different angle. Or maybe the game just isnt for you. if so then dont play. and dont say comments like this! ;D

Just a question, is doomfist in any way related or friends with baptiste?

It bothers me that they said that Baptiste’s history means that he “doesn’t fit the profile of someone Overwatch would immediatly consider recruiting”, and yet they had Black Watch.

Not to mention they recruited a crime lord assassin, (Genji) and a former Talon agent. (McCree)

But they dismantled BlackWatch and Blackwatch was also one of the major reasons Overwatch ended up being hated and disbanded too…

If Baptiste left recently in the lore, you have to ask yourself whether Winston is the type to take him in right away as an ex-talon agent or if he’d rather watch and hear of his good deeds over time before considering him in the newly reformed Overwatch.

Hey all,

I wanted to follow-up on this. It was previously noted that Baptiste would be unlocked in Competitive Play one week after his initial release. This was incorrect. Baptiste will be playable in Competitive Play two weeks after his launch this Tuesday.

This change has been updated and revised in the original post.

Thank you.