Baptiste - Developer Q&A Answers

fake QnA they just wanted to tell us things they wanted to talk about

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Yay, I’m glad to see this. :blush:

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The lore answers were interesting. But they release very little lore, with no comics and shorts anymore. So whatever.

The gameplay answers weren’t very useful. Just common knowledge, vague and nothing revealing.

Maybe hold a real Q&A next time and answer more in depth questions without vague answers.

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I’m now very intrigued. I wonder what Sombra’s and Baptiste’s interactions will be like! :smile:

Why in the French version of Overwatch does he pronounce his name the normal way of having the P silent, but in the English version he pronounces the P?


Hitscan has ALWAYS been projectiles, the interesting about them (that we all know) is that they don’t have projectile speed, they do the damage instantly.

many diadvantages to other ults, yet if used properly can stop enemy ultimate…

im sorry but why is ANY non ultimate gonna negate an ultimate?

especially on such a short cd.

even rez was only able to effect 1 target and has a much longer cd. (and you see how community feels about rez even existing)

a stationary skill it may be, but on CTP (and potentially payload if it can move with payload if tossed on it…havent tried that yet) where you can bunker down its going to be excessively powerful for a semi-spammable skill with such potential.

also how does it work vs AoE nukes (like meka/tire) ? technically the dmg would hit enemy and generator at same time so theoretically the heroes will survive it as at the moment the generator dies they also took the dmg (so should be covered by its efefct when dmg triggered)

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That’s very unlikely in regular French. Are you guys aware of that ? It’s as if people would pronounce a name like Seth, “Set” (with a strong “T”) or even your name Michael in the French way “Mika-el”.

I know it’s not that big of a deal on a game but this might trigger a lot of French players. Baptiste is never pronounced with the “p” in French. It’s always a silent letter just like the letter “k” is always silent when it’s followed by the letter “n” in English (e.g. "know, “knot”, “knit” etc…).

In French, a “p” followed by a “t” always makes the “p” silent. It’s a rule.

I studied linguistics for many years but ask any French phonologists. Maybe you wanted to say “doesn’t pronounce the p” and got mistaken. If not, please do some research. Thanks in advance.


You’re talking to the people who were the backbone of DPS Moira and DPS Brig :confounded:

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Lucio also sounds like he’s from New York, or LA… so I don’t think Blizzard cares too much about being authentic… despite it not taking that much effort to find a couple of people who could easily double check for them (even people in the community like yourself)


Beer! -Reinhart

The big problem here is that it’s aknowledged in the french version, but not the English version, which makes it absurd for it to not have the p silent in the English version, considering the name is french, and he comes up from a country where the top 2 official languages are french and haitian creole.

Idk, but that should be enough of a reason to have it the p silent if one of the 2 versions has it correctly imo.

But In the hero page it show tracer killing hog through Bap ult

Because Michael Chu is a hack writer that doesn’t know how to pronounce names. The French voice director probably refused to pronounce it wrong.

Can baptiste heal himself with his alternate fire?

The Sombra forum criers are going to be whining more than usual next week.

Awesome, thanks for your answers!!

I was really hoping for a reply on his sexuality :sob: Now if they ever say he’s anything but straight, there’ll be riots over “making him gay”

All that aside I’m eager to learn more about his friendship with Sombra! Perhaps she’s helping him lie low by corrupting reports about possible hideout locations?

I’m pretty sure they push the update to all platforms at the same time but the console platforms xbox/playstation delay the release on their end.

They did that once. It was broken beyond belief.

New lore, yay. x3
I love it, thanks for the effort. ^^

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