Baptiste CANNOT be CONSIDERED to go live!


Edit 3: I understand that Blizzard wants goats dead but they shouldnt BASE EVERY ADDED HERO’S ABILITIES OFF OF HOW TO KILL THE META COMP. Dive is good? Bam Brig. Goats is good? Bam Baptiste. Just stick to balancing the numbers and see how they work while creating actual FUN heros and not ones that feel like you’re squirming to fix a mistake.

Other people have said Baptiste is OP and what not but let me explain this for EVERYONE real quick.

He is a SUPPORT that has a 4 damage headshot as a hitscan weapon with 45 shots per clip on top of the fact that he can spam AOE heals as his secondary fire.
^ Main weapon kills up to ELEVEN SQUISHIES PER CLIP. Secondary Fire MAJORLY buffs goats especially in combination with his other abilities.

Baptiste’s E is unbelievably broken. It is a 20 second cooldown that is a premeditated Mercy Rez for MULTIPLE people if not the ENTIRE team and it lasts for 7 seconds. That is enough time for Zarya’s grav to come and go, especially if used reactionary and not preemptive. It is enough time for Hanzo dragon, and if reactionary for the entirety of Mcree’s ult to come and go. It is more than enough time for a genji blade to pass through and stop. The length alone is bad enough, but on top of that the thing has TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY HEALTH without a critical hitbox. That means that for a Goats comp where Zarya and Zen are the primary damage mostly shooting into a shield, it will be like killing Brigitte BEFORE killing Brigitte because of how much shielding it will have if not also for map cover.

Counter arguments for Baptiste E to stay: You can flank and destroy it. You can wait it out. You can hack it as sombra. You can CC them away from it. They only have 40 health when it’s done.
Counter COUNTER arguments: flanking an invincible team to try and shoot a guarded object with 250 health is suicide, for you and your team especially in goats vs goats. Leaving your team to flank during goats screws your team over almost every time in goats. Sombra CAN hack it, but again, you just left your team to vs an invincible team. They can walk back from CC especially since they arent worried about dying until you break it (which from average CC times and lucio speed boost help, youre looking at around 1.5 seconds to break it and keep pressure on the enemies.) True, if you hurt them to 40 health they are at 40 health during the time, but assuming you broke a shield to do the damage, their shield is probably back up by the time you get them that low not to mention Baptiste himself without ult can full heal everyone in the radius in 3 seconds flat or at least get them to where they arent killable anymore. That on top of the fact that he probably isnt the only healer.

Shift: All I can really say is it is Lucio healing amp it up which on top of his Right click heals and ignoring the E makes Lucio seem only REALLY usable for his ult and speedboost (which is what higher tiers do any ways but still)

Baptiste ALONE shooting through it can 2 burst a REINHARDT. Bastion’s ULT will 2 shot a Roadhog and bastion’s turret can melt EVERY shield in the game and get 2 tanks before he has to reload ONLY USING BAPTISTE POWER BOOST. Reinhardt (fire strike), soldier (rocket), mcree (headshot), Genji (single slash), Junkrat (single nade), Ashe (headshot or 2 body shots or 1 dynamite), Baptiste (single burst), Hanzo (storm arrow headshot), LUCIO (4 dinks), Mei (Icicle headshot), Pharah (single shot), Reaper (body shot), Symmetra (full charge Orb), Torbjorn (headshot left click), Widowmaker (body shot), Zarya (full charge direct right click), and Zenyatta (2 orbs)

Edit: I almost forgot :slight_smile: He has Genji’s verticality on NO cooldown



Now all heros are multirole.



Anyone who thinks he is OP is on drugs. The only good thing about him is his E and even that will be useless once people figure out how to shoot it down with hitscan.


How can you ignore the boops?!?!


goodluck shooting it down against Reinhardt shield, Dva DM, and Zarya bubbles :slight_smile: If hitscan is all that’s needed to kill IT then hitscan is all that’s needed to kill healers and so goats wouldnt exist :slight_smile:


It’s literally day one. Why don’t you calm down instead of flying off the handle.


Because if nobody brings it up early, then Blizzard will release an OP hero with minor tweaks and only start actually balancing mid season like they did with brig :slight_smile:


And what are you planning on replacing in goats with him? Lucio? Lul no you need speed. Brig? Lol no she is the reason goats was created. Zen? Lul no you wont kill anything because Baptiste’s dmg is garbage.


His e is annoying but thats also why cc exists.


You can’t base a characters potentional off of literally only 5hrs of gameplay. On a ptr where people are all just playing Baptiste and thus not giving accurate stats.


Brig is replaceable. The reason she was used was for her burst heals and AOE heals combo with stun. Armor helped for suvivability but guess what also helps and can be shot out? Baptiste E but his is better!


Give it time. It’s not even out on live yet.

Most people’s speculations about a hero are generally wrong until honestly a month in.


Numbers and theoreticals help. We can match what Baptiste CAN do to what other healers CAN do for goats. He basically takes all their strengths (the ones not currently in goats) and puts them into 1 character. Also Zence, CC doesn’t really help when they can just walk back in without fear of dying. If you’re talking Stuns, then they dont do anything vs his E


Dive is still a comp. Brig exists and counters dive with armor pack, ult, bash and constant healing. Baptiste counters dive with… a 15s heal that’s equal to Ana’s nade and we all know that the moment nade is used Ana is dead to dive. And his E that has a 20s cd, the moment it’s gone he’s divable and so is the Zen, unlike when you have Brig with a 6s repair back, 7s bash, and constant dmg and healing that doesn’t get ****ed over by winston shield and Dva matrix.


I’ve been wrong about 2 characters when they were on PTR. One was Sombra (thought she wasn’t gonna be good at all and she was decent) and the other was Orisa who I thought was gonna completely replace reinhardt on some maps (she ended up being way more useful on defense mostly and not both sides)


All that wall of text and he’s still easily killed. Imagine that. They could drop him today on live and do the tweaks. He is that ready to go right now. He can be in QP today.


This jumping the gun is what has caused the most detrimental feedback each and every time a hero comes out. Just wait until a lot of testing and proper play time in proper comps actually occurs.


Time will tell how good Baptiste is but as of now I think he’s OP as of now and I do think Blizz would nerf him before putting him on the PTR.

I’d say lower the damage on his gun so it takes 4-5 shots to kill not 3 and lower the HP on his immortality drone to 100 as well reducing the duration to 6-4 seconds.


Ok lets think dive for a moment shall we? Winston and Dva dive on a target (probably a healer). Baptiste presses E and full heals them and whoever else got hit during the time. Winston and Dva have to get out or die trying to kill Baptiste E. They dive baptiste? he hits E and Shift while getting help from the other healer.


Baptiste is so balanced they need to go ahead and just drop him live this week.