Bap is deliberately made weak

why add bap, why give him a gun and make him require aim if you are going to deliberately keep him weak and trash.

be a mercy bot that requires no mechanical skill and you are rewarded with +50% win rate. what a joke.

stop deliberately holding bap down. increase his dps and make mechanical skill actually count for something.

his gun is utter trash, its like trying to shoot with 400ping. deliberately so because they cant allow him to have real dps.

i want to see crazy buffs to his dps and i want the forums to flow rivers of salty tears from having dps bap be an OP meta pick.


I think Immortality Field is holding him down, similar to how turrets hold Symmetra down. As long as Immortality exists nobody in high ranks will want him to be viable


Taking shots at Mercy for Baptiste shott comings. Wow where have I seen this before. Your lucky I’m not Ryan or Hana because this would just get you owned. Zenyatta not mechanical Skill on Healing or Damage Boost and he can do it both. Lucio doesn’t even have to look at someone to use Speed or Healing. Moira you spray stuff.

They all still take skill so stop taking cheap shots. I’m going to go sip my tea and spill it.


Lemme guess. You don’t play Mercy cuz she is boring but if you did she is so braindead easy to play you’d be top 500 in no time right?


Bap was meta… they had to nerf him several times just to change that. He might get a small buff soon but he’s really not that bad if you’re good with him

If you think Mercy is the OP healer to pick over Bap… you don’t play much support.

That said Bap has the same problem Mercy had. Immortality field is too strong, it’s basically a better rez on a shorter CD with no casting time and affects a large area…

Keeping a team mate alive through any kind of attack is almost better than rez. Better yet your not locked into a long animation and generally Baptiste is in no risk to use the field as it’s a very fast projectile that flies in a straight line.

Now the various HP nerfs to the drone have hurt, but at it’s core it’s still a strong ability. SO in response they have basically done the same thing they did to Brigitte… nerf every thing else about his kit and ignore the elephant in the room.

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Agree, maybe give him so some sort of damage reduction instead?

Baps niche was double barrier and bunker, they are dead now and Bap is unemployed
Devs need to find him a new niche

Immortality is the worst ability they’ve ever added into this game, and not only that, but itll forever hold back Bap’s power.
It should be reworked/removed


i say make lamp his ult and make window the ability but make it much smaller and maybe ess powerful. baps main utility should be his dps via his gun.

If what you said about IF was true, Bap’s playtime would be significantly higher. But IF is far, far overrated. To start with, it does have a cast and an arming time. I’ve been killed because the cast and deployment didn’t complete before the damage arrives. Dead Bap. Second, it’s actually a pretty buggy ability. I’ve successfully deployed it to save from things like bombs, only to die inside it anyway. Yes, fully inside it. Yes, team there with me, I was the only one to die, right in the center of it.

Next, even if it does work properly, it’s nowhere near as good as rez. But they operate in different niches anyway. Assuming it does save you - you’re now at critical health in a known spot with nothing to stop follow-up attacks from finishing you off. Even stray shots in deep falloff can kill you.

What IF can do is prevent a teamwipe during certain ults, but that’s very situation dependent. I’ve seen clever Junkrats hold riptire at bay until their team shoots down the IF field, or just wait out the only five seconds until it’s gone anyway. In a way that makes it the opposite of Ana’s nade - the anti-nade has the potential to negate a Zen ult, while IF has the potential to negate a rip-tire or bomb. In practice though, if IF were that good, he’d see more use than he currently does.

All that said, I’d be completely fine with IF’s removal if it meant we got a more useful utility in it’s place. Right now it’s the worst of both worlds - vastly over-estimated by critics, and vastly under-performing in reality. It’s a mediocre ability that people think is OP. So you know what? Just toss it in the garbage. Supports live or die by what utility they can bring in this game, and Bap just doesn’t have any meaningful utility to bring right now. His ult is one of the worst in the game and has a hard time synergizing with anything. And his biggest competitor, Ana, has vastly more utility and a versatile ult that synergizes enough with several different heroes that she’s almost always a right choice for the map and comp.

IF is a skillshot aoe zarya bubble on a giant cool down that only protects 40hp. i dont know why people cry about it.
but i would much perfer baps utility to come from his dps than anything else. its just a complete waste of a support to keep him a weakened niche bunker bot.

if you want to play a decent fps style support all you have is ana to pick from.

Well when Bap had DPS as his utility, people freaked out.

That said, if I need to shoot stuff…I kinda have that with Zen. Now maybe it’s a biased point of view because I play Zen enough to make him work better than someone coming to either hero equally, but Bap just doesn’t do the damage Zen does, nor has the utility. With Zen’s orbs on command, I can hugely sway the outcome of various engagements and do a halfway decent job of protecting myself too. I just don’t have that sort of impact with Bap’s damage.

Bap’s utility doesn’t necessarily have to be damage though. I’d be happy with something else that mattered more in the mid-fight, like Ana’s grenade.

Eh mercy gets free value by holding a button down. And zen is more difficult cause he has to call out discords to make them usefull all mercy has to do is press one button to a ashe or any dps

zen is projectile though. game seriously needs more than 1 hitscan based support, its the entire reason ana has such a high pickrate.

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his gun is extremely strong when you can aim with it tbh, before the nerfs to it he was just better than soldier

Yes I’m just saying, in response to your comment about damage, that I have better and more consistent success with Zen in regards to damage both offensively and defensively. So even if I wanted to use a support to do damage or protect myself against something, I’m better off with Zen. So I still don’t have a real utility reason to use Bap. I still do play Bap, because I find his healing to be the most interesting to use and I have fun with it, but he is really not a strong support.

not imo, even with good aim his ttk is dumb and unreliable.
he should be a high dps support. let people cry.

people at higher ranks were literally just flanking on him playing like soldier

yeah but so what, high skill high reward, would make for interesting play. balance the rest of his kit if necessary.
why should all supports be dps weak healbots.