Banning by reports is disgusting


Well what’s happening is I have the picture copied to my clipboard but every time I hit paste in the Forum it’s just pasting the last text I copied

bioshock stuck after 3rd picture doors stuck shut

See my steam game glitched like 3 weeks ago


Uh huh. I don’t like to sound (look?) like a broken record, but;

But I think that’s enough of the forum’s space wasted to all that.


I personally don’t believe there’s such a thing as a bad pick before the match starts. It’s what you do during the match that makes me think “oh, so and so should switch”.

Sometimes, a torb or sym will be hard countered. At that point, it does become a detriment to your team to continue on with those heroes. Please consider branching out, so that you don’t get banned again and your team doesn’t have to fight every battle up hill.



I pulled a link off the internet there you go it’s right there click it


The Blizz post was March 24th. You said you just reported someone for it yesterday. 3+ months is beyond exaggeration.

Please, do post evidence of you false reporting someone.

No, it’s not. That’s why it’s not called “poor teamwork.”

Feeding requires intent. Not-switching is not evidence of intent, because not-switching is excluded per report description.


well i agree and during the last season i didnt even see people complaining at the start of the match when people picked situational heroes. sometimes people would ask “why do we have xxx??”… but the “switch xx or report” mentality didnt happen to me.
and i played a lot of comp games last season.

i even played symm and the enemy team asked me after the match why i threw the game and my teammates said i wasnt the problem.

i see people giving chances to certain hero picks… but if its not working and youre not contributing they still get mad ofc.


Its on youtube find it brad the tank main ohio pc uplode it to blizzard i know i did the right thing he took two steps the whole game i put a link to the video in the report i sent in thats why i recorded it


Torb I think is in the worst spot right now. With him especially I’d bet balancing is difficult since it would be very easy to make an autolocking turret very frustrating to deal with.

Yes, a picture from 11 months ago. All it takes is someone opening up the game to see the current report options:

  • Spam
  • Inactivity
  • Abusive Chat
  • Gameplay Sabatoge
  • Bad Battletag
  • Cheating

But if you want to continue to lie by all means, go ahead


oh well i will find the intent if i want to… run in one time 1vs6 when the whole team is telling you to wait and regroup and its a valid report reason.
you will be surprised how often that happens.


That covers everyone from bronze to masters, and some of GM.


I love this toxic mentality.

“If you play a off-meta hero you deserve to be banned despite Blizzard making it EXTREMELY clear it is not a bannable offense.”


My two cents:

Look, to be completely honestly…if you are getting enough reports against you to automatically (or manually) ban you…you deserve it. You are doing something (or probably many things) wrong in both your play style and communication. I’ve met many people that are so toxic and so disruptive to a game (11 other individuals time and enjoyment) that they absolutely don’t deserve to play our reindeer games. I don’t care if you bought the game or not. It does not entitle you to be so absolutely disruptive, rude or trolling, that you go unpunished.

Get a clue. Just be cool. Stop being a douche bag.


yea youre right… but you know, if you are a nice player to me. i will not report you for that… if you are forcing the whole team in a bad situation… i will more likely report you for that behavior.

it all comes down to you being a teamplayer if you play with random players and are too lazy to use the LFG system.


I can tell by the way you are speaking you are either a kid or a troll, either way, stop doing crap to get reported for and I doubt it is because of your hero picks, you probably raged and picked those 2 every time you had a tantrum just to throw.


I love how it’s never someone swapping heroes to counter the enemy and help their teams that comes to complain that they got banned.

Maybe it’s because that’s how the game is supposed to be played?:man_shrugging:


You sent a video of random clips of you from multiple, unrelated games as evidence of a person doing “poor teamwork”?


I would agree with your comment, but seeing how toxic this game gets players emotions and also how oppressive their policies are. I can’t agree with your comment. Too many abuse it for laughs or because they’re flustered.


How do you know other people’s per map winrates?


Statistically, Torbjorn isn’t good at all on control maps for my example. It is very clear why, as well.

With specific people’s win rates, I would check their profiles to see what their win rates are. If they’re like +40%, give them a chance. Anything under? I would simply ask them if they could switch. Now, we don’t have that utility anymore. People who harassed others for it, ruined it for those who use it properly.