Banned for the Season, for bad internet

Hi, so yea, im banned for season 19 on comp, i have unstable internet like once per hour and if that time meets with the time i find a game, it basically keeps me at the main screen and doesnt let me join the game until i reset, so when this happend i waited for a minute and then restarted so the game didnt cancel cuz it was showing the other players i was in game but wasnt picking a hero. this was happening to me like once/twice day and sometimes i would get a ban and sometimes not and at random times it would reset my bans back down to 2 mins, and i really love the game so i kept playing it with my friends, so if you could figger out a solution to my problem or get me unbanned i would be really happy cuz i wanna play the whole rest of the holidays

All disconnections and crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. Unfortunately Competitive Season Bans cannot be appealed under any circumstances. Be warned that if you get three season bans in your entire history on your account, you will be permanently banned from Competitive Play. Please see this topic for further details about Blizzard’s policy:

If you would like assistance with troubleshooting and possibly fixing your internet connection, we can help with that. Please consider running through this troubleshooting first if you have not already:

Please note, that you should still have access to Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom Game modes, so continue to play in those and work to troubleshoot your disconnections so that by the time season 20 rolls around, you can get back to Competitive hopefully without leaving any more matches.

Thanks, i have one more question, will i still get CP for this season?

No unfortunately. All end of season rewards are forfeited.