Banned bc i afk to attend the door and re joined the game win the game and i got banned

how is this fair? some one care to explain???

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Because while you were attending the door, your team was going 5v6 and likely getting stomped because of it.


we won the game 2 - 0
i dont understand it…
but bc i only leave for 3 min i dont deserve the ban i guess


:roll_eyes: 10 minute ban

If you go actually banned from the game then you would have done a lot more than just AFK for a min

Actually, yes you do. You left your team without a player for multiple minutes, you deserved it. also you would have lost 50 SR too btw.


Anyone else think he was talking about an in-game door at first?


You went afk. You deserve it.


The game doesn’t take what your justification is for leaving into account. It only sees a player leave. You know the rules and you got punished get over it


The report system is predicated on false reports and as you can see from the community sentiment here, it is quite easy to conclude you were reported by similar people.

Presumably this is happened quite a few times for you to get perma banned.


I ) Was it Competitive or Quickplay
II ) did yah say something a couple of matches prior, that wasn’t so polite?

They just dont ban at random for an AFK for no reason.

If you only left for 3 minutes, you only got banned from competitive play for 10 minutes and are not banned from any other part of the game.

That seems a perfectly reasonable punishment for a minor sabotage of the game.

If you got banned for longer or from the entire game, you did something else.

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i only got banned from season 18 comp.

If you got banned from season comp, it means you have left your team multiple times already.

Entirely justified season ban.

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ive been desconected prior of this by bad connection and server errors so that kinda explains the ban not only by that AFK… not by my own will.

Don’t answer the door mid game? I mean, you 100% deserve this. That is straight up throwing, regardless if the game turned around and you won. Be thankful that it’s not a permaban.

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You’ll want to get your connection issues sorted out.

If you reach ‘season ban’ levels 3 times, it’ll be a permanent ban.
(That is, as I understand it, banned for 1 season, banned for another season, third time is banned for life instead of season).

Not to sound mean, but you will find no sympathy here. Competitive matches to most players are taken very seriously. You should not attempt to start a Competitive Match unless you can 100% make sure that you will not be disturbed during the course of that match.

Also note, if you are completely banned from Competitive Play for the season, then that means you have had multiple leaver violations already. If you have been dropping matches due to a faulty connection, you must take every effort to correct any technical issues. You are responsible for your own equipment and the ISP that provides your internet when it comes to technical issues with Overwatch. Learn more about this policy here:

If you need assistance with troubleshooting your internet connection, players like myself and Blizzard can provide advice in the technical support forum.