Banned after downloading Helldivers 2?

Hey yall, 8 year player here. As the title says, I was banned for cheating/hacking recently after playing a few comp games with friends. The reason given was hacking/cheating, and a whole obvious spiel about how hacking is harmful to the community and breaks terms of service. The issue, though, is I WAS NOT HACKING in any way shape or form. I have not downloaded any hacks or cheats for any other games or softwares. The only thing I can think of is Helldivers 2, as I saw a similar post on Reddit for someone getting banned shortly after downloading.

I’ve submitted two tickets, both of which have received the same automated bot response about breaking ToS, neither of which were helpful whatsoever. I can’t submit any more tickets, because even though previous tickets were marked as resolved, it states I have the maximum amount of tickets open.

Advice or help from anyone that’s been in a similar situation or someone with the power to change this would be greatly appreciated. At a loss for what to do - I’ve been playing the game since launch and have hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics from the lootbox era on the account. Anyone with a brain could see that I’m in low diamond and not anywhere near good enough to even be accused of hacking, so I just don’t know what do to now.

Is this a situation where I should just take the L and move on with my life or is this worth fighting for?

Take the L, you got caught.

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Wasn’t cheating which is why I made the post in the first place

buy a new phone number and make a new account if you get banned again its cuz youre dumb

I have Helldivers 2 and I am not banned. Stop cheating or stop continuously playing with friends that also cheat because that can get you banned as well.

Have never cheated and no one in my group of friends I play with got banned either. I’m assuming it was because of helldivers 2 because a few hours after I downloaded it I was banned

has to be user error i play helldivers 2 as well and am currently in a comp game