Ball is so horrible to play against

I’m so sick of ball as a character because there is nothing you can do to outplay him unless you have cc. Its so obnoxious. Also you can’t even avoid his slam or anything so you’re basically forced to rely on your team to always be there for you. And then the fact he has so much hp + shields makes it so you can’t even force him away with damage on your own in any way. Its so stupid. I just wish it was possible to outplay him without dumb cc.


He has some non-cc counters they just aren’t as good. You can try Mauga on tank, your ult also won’t let him slam which is dumb. On dps you can go Bastion or Reaper, your damage will scare him away. Echo is decent against him too. At least he can’t kill you easily. Sojo if you are actually good at sojo otherwise I don’t recommend. Tracer and venture can annoy him too. On support go Bap and shoot him a lot and he can’t kill you with your lamp and shift.

Or go Zen but if you do that you need to play with your team. Don’t let him isolate you and 1v1 unless you’re a Zen god which I’ve only ever run into like twice on Ball. I forgot about his kick though which is like the best CC in the game. I main Ball btw.

Honestly it’s much easier to list the characters that don’t counter Ball than the ones that do. Basically snipers are the only thing that he actually counters. That and bad positioning/cooldown usage.

“Ball is so horrible to play against”
And with.


Just push front and kill entire team while he is trying to slam someone.
And usually it takes one or two shots of heal from supports to save anyone from him.

If you go chase him then you lose. Simple as that.

You don’t need CC to win against him, you just need to do your job faster as a team.
He ain’t gonna kill faster than you 5 can kill those 4 squishy targets without a tank.

From supports it requires a bit of multitasking. Heal front line but at the same time watch if ball is gonna slam on someone and heal that unlucky one but don’t spent too much time dealing with him.

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The best counter to ball if there’s no coordination is to counter dive (primarily his supports). And if there is some coordination then dive is especially the play. Dive his team (mainly supports) when he’s diving your team. Then when they’re dead focus the rest of the team/ball.

Ball and Doom are miserable to play against because it takes CC and a team effort.

As a support, I pretty much get farmed by both. I only have one ability that gives me a chance to escape, and they have short ability cooldowns.

As a DPS, I can usually fight fire with fire and go Sombra, but hack is next to useless on Doom and Ball.

As a tank, I’m forced to play a tank I don’t want to play, like Orisa. I’m a Winston main, I am rather useless as him against ball or doom.

It takes a team effort to counter either of them, and if you’ve ever played this game, you know that team efforts are as likely as good decisions from the devs.

your char needs a movement skill. if you don’t have a skill to trade for the ball dive then of course it gets value if it hits.

even soldier healing station could save you if it’s a solo dive, but if not, there are lots of chars with movement abilities. trading ashe shift, tracer blink, cree roll, etc. are all ok trades, but ideally you want to not use long cooldowns.

being low CDs makes it very easy for the enemy team to push and kill you

if you are getting dove by ball again faster than your CD comes up you should try positioning somewhere harder for ball to reach.

Though I agree ball is near unkillable this patch. Ball players having a field day

They have buffed ball over and over and he still sucks and you think he is bad to play against… meanwhile Orisa, Hog and Mauga all exist and have been flat out OP several times in the last 5 months.


Yeah but to be fair hog, orisa and mauga don’t just travel across the map with infinite shields/hp and has a cc you can’t dodge. At least you can run away from them. I mean I’ll be honest I also hate those trio tanks too just because they are often buffed to be unkillable. But I think ball is way more annoying because you just can’t avoid him no matter what.

I play Sojourn and Bap.

I’m good with sojourn and bap the big issue is I’ll be trying multiple playstyles to play around him and occasionally they work okay but I wanna know what to do when I have those games where it seems like there is no way I can adapt. Here are the playstyles that I try.

  1. Playing with the team. I do this assuming that my team can peal for me because they will actually notice when I’m being dove.

  2. Playing farther back. I try this method assuming that the ball will have to exhaust a lot of resources to get to me. And when I get dove I can maybe slide back to my team for help.

  3. Trying to deal as much damage as possible to ball. I do that to try and force him away so that he can’t stay long but he does get a ton of shields so a lot of time it doesn’t work.

  4. Trying to dive/pressure the enemy squishies. For this I do it because it means they don’t have a big front line presence to block any burst damage. But then that could mean I’m throwing because the rest of my team is struggling with ball. Or its like a 1v4 for me and I’m unable to do anything.

strat 3 is pretty much asking to lose unless you have a soldier/bastion or something. it’s not realistic to have everyone just focus the ball unless your dps are way better or the ball is diving too deep.

best thing in prior patches was to put just enough damage on the ball that he can’t commit to kills without risking his own death. However, with his increased tankiness, I don’t even think that is realistic. Wasting your ammo on ball while the enemy team uses it on you and your tank is going to go poorly.

strat 1 peel isn’t very effective unless they have brig for boop or something. you should crossheal to survive a dive, but if he pops you up and has any supporting damage and you don’t use a skill to get out in advance, you should expect to die. however, if both you and your support are deep in cover with a good angle, it should be hard for the dps to shoot you, and the ball damage shouldn’t cut through crossheal. problem is that typically one support gets busy healing the dps and doesn’t notice the dive. just try to ping it early before he gets to you

as for 4. if your team has a solid front line, you just have to stay alive, crossheal and your tank should take a lot of space. But if your dps aren’t good, you will have to crossheal and give supporting damage to actually get things done. so you will have to manage being dove, crosshealing, healing the dps, light damage on the ball occasionally maybe, and supporting your tank. Properly played support is already busy, but it should be even busier when constantly dove by ball

It only takes one or two people on your team to think avoiding the ball is the best case scenario. This lets the ball do whatever he wants knowing he won’t get focused. something to keep in mind.

Ball is ok atm… but unkillable is a bit of a stretch.

Hog still exists and you think Ball is the issue…lol

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For most of the match, this is the play. If you can kill his team, the Ball is pointless.

The only time you should focus him is if you can all do it. Then he disappears.

Ball is non a factor. If you lost to ball it’s either a skill check on your team or some combination of enemy supports/dps diffing your supports/dps. Usually it’s a support skill check.

It takes a single CC to completely ruin his opener, wasting his time, and possibly requiring adaptive shield to undo the bad opener, which waste even more time. You don’t need to kill him. All you have to do is ruin his opener. You do that consistently and he’s not doing anything anymore. How many times have you seen a CC land a ball and he runs away? You think “damn, he got away”, instead you should be thinking “Ok, just keep rotating our CC and ruining his opener”

Ball also has some of the lowest pressure potential in the game next to winston. If you leave ball alone in your back line, and your supports are not idiots, the ball won’t actually accomplishing anything on his own. The balls team will probably be heavily out of position while he’s shooting his pea shooters at a support. Without some kind of follow up from his team, he’s just a rolling ball of ult charge that does not nothing.

To be fair there are very few characters that can really stop a ball enough for maybe your team to notice. Being in role queue can feel extra crappy when dealing with ball. If you’re a support you’re only able to really get away and help your teammates stop him, or you go bap. Which can only be chosen once. If you’re dps you have to play either someone who can stop him or someone who can kill him. Without real team follow through you make cass work but that’s mostly it. You can go sym but that’s kinda cheesy and the other team can probably roll you without the ball. If you’re a tank you have to choose; dive for my team and leave their teams map control, or hope my team can survive behind/ help me with their teams backline.
A good ball is tough to play against and it takes a at least half your teams attention.

I recommend playing open queue. It gives you the freedom to switch to that character that you feel you can give value to your team. You can even learn how is best to work with your team on each role… always helps for your main role just knowing what the other roles gotta do.

The issue is if you come up against a stack ball as a solo queue player. You’ve lost unless your team actually play as a team.

I am a full time Ball player and I just throw all games with Sombra in them

Mauga and Orisa are completely unkillable for me

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This works until you run into an elite ball who is good at baiting out CC without using his piledriver.

Like bait a dart? I am talking about any CC. Ashe’s coach gun is enough to ruin his opener.

Yours sincerely,
Support players