Backfill ult charge and other backfill ideas

so just got out into the last min of a game again. i think 3 or 4 of us joined into the game. once all of us new teammates pick a character we leave spawn and then proceed to get annihilated from ult after ult till we reach the defeat screen. with the nature of how backfilling is I expect to most likely lose unless there is actually still a fair amount of time on the clock, but it would be nice if last min teammates who join get a fighting chance to play the game. to give the joining backfilling players a chance what if they joined the game with a portion of their ult charged. maybe less time on the clock the more charge they spawn in with. it would give backfill players a bit more incentive to maybe give the remaining old team(if there even is still on lol) one last final good push on an objective. i know this really wouldn’t help last second quitters and the players backfilling for them but at least for those who join with maybe a minute left on the clock this could help them. i dont know just some thoughts i had after my most recent game that felt like sharing.

backfill after a certain point needs to go … it’s ok to backfill for 1-2min after that it’s bull**** most of the time.


fun fact, you cant get backfill if you queue comp

yea i know but im not big on comp environment. if you dont play an exact character then you get flamed. make 1 mistake you get flamed. just overall much more toxic than qp. i like qp because its much more laid back and more players are there to just play the character they like and overall just have more fun. just throwing an idea out there for helping backfilling since its a thing that exist in qp lol

I think that would be a nice way to solve it.

After the two minutes mark you get x percentage. If you enter during overtime,.you enter with it wholesale

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Backfill after 1-2 minutes really shouldn’t be a thing. The enemy team at that point should just be allowed to steamroll on through to get the match over with.

Last night, I had a free lootbox to earn for playing support. Joined the game on gibraltar. Loaded in on defense. Immediately lost. I at least got my lootbox.

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  1. It’ll never happen, the incentive to win is just by playing the game. Backfilling multiple slots is extremely rare. They aren’t about to ECHO ult charge you just because you’re backfilling. You get bonus xps for that.

  2. There is absolutely no way for the game to know if and when someone is going to win until it happens. Steam-rolling and wasting the time for 5 other players is not acceptable. Thus backfill exists.

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Transfer the ult internal number to the person connecting. Not the percent. And just spawn them on the objective. If the person DC’ed at the point.

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extremely rare? i might have to politely disagree with that lol. i usually have a few matches a play session (2-3 hours average) where i join into a game along with 1-3 other new players. ill give you that its not a super common occurrence but certainly happens enough to where its a bit of an issue. at least for me lol. if your experience is extremely rare then happy for ya.
just a different idea i threw out though to help backfill players since 500 xp really doesnt mean anything at this point in the games life cycle. this is just me but level 842. think i have all the skins i want and credits i need. what good is 500 xp suppose to do for me at this point lol

There is no reason not to let us opt out. I spend more time in the “while you wait” part of the game than the actual game.

For those that like backfill, they won’t have to use the opt out feature.

I mean if I am backfilled now I just roam around the map doing my own thing anyways. Occasionally taking a shot at the other team so I dont get booted for inactivity.

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thats another idea at least. itll make wait time longer for those who dont want to backfill but give them the game they want

They have already stated that is never happening. There is a cooldown on putting you in as a back fill for that game mode once you’ve completed a map as one. Going into a defeat/victory screen is actually a good thing.

There as also upcoming changes to back fill especially for roles with long queue times such as DPS.

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That’s the reason why I only play comp for the last 2 years or so :wink:

i doubt they would ever add in this feature too but the devs also said they would never add in role queue soooooo lol

Then I will continue to do my own thing if I am backfilled. No reason to even attempt to win.

That’s from March 16th of this year.

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just treat it like qp, as long as ur not actively trying to throw the match nothing you do is a reportable offence, if people are being toxic then leave vc